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BTW...I don't know if you guys noticed, but Indochino has been running a lot of giveaways and specials lately via their facebook/twitter accounts.  
I don't mean the full Jetsons idea, that would be a little too much.  I'm not talking about walk in and walk out 2 seconds later with a suit either.  Yes, that is far-fetched.  As far as the military example, I was just showing my experience with the technology.  Sure, the human element still must exists to fully customize to an extent, but body scanning to produce clothing/suits does exist.  And if you can afford it, I've read about it and it seems good.  Advanced...
  Could actually possible happen...the US military actually uses this technology to determine your initial size of your uniforms and that was years ago I went through it. I'm sure the technology has been updated since then.  I could see it being used for suits in the future, but not anytime soon.
Keep the suit until you receive the new one.  Then you have to pay return shipping to send it back to them.  Send it in the smallest box possible.
  You win some, you lose some.  Indochino obviously isn't for everyone.  It isn't really a waste of money if you can get a refund.  You shouldn't feel screwed...if Indochino worked for you as it has for others you would be happy.  You paid return shipping to try out the company and can get a full refund on your items.  This thread has almost 200 pages, and all of it isn't bad.  Usually people order from Indochino because they have unique builds that a off the rack suit...
  Pics you responded to are from 2 different people wearing 2 different suits.
It was on their facebook page
It is a little late but maybe it might help someone out...   Indochino is running a special today where if you buy any suit AND tie you can get a free pink essential wrinkle-free shirt. Code "PINKSHIRT"   cheers  
Thanks for the info.  Well I hope they actually do lower it and not just BS me.
It isn't that bad.  It gives it character.  If it doesn't bother you, then it shouldn't bother anyone else.  Some people are picky just knowing it is there.  I would live with it.
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