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I thought 36" was enough so I bought three pairs of Levi 501 in dark stone, light stone and black wash. Bought my brother a pair of shrink to fits and they look so much better than stonewashed, so that was dumb of me buying three jeans at once. Even dumber I bought a 30" waist green 501 too but they are way too tight, the other are 31 but 32 fits me better. I got obsessed trying to fit into the smallest waist I could.   Anyways long story short I've wasted so much...
All I have is tan shorts and blue, light blue, black, chocolate brown and green jeans. The green jeans I will be wearing a lot to get fades etc so I'm guessing Taupe.     Just got hit with custom charges for the green levi 501 too, £17 :(:(:(:(
Get these or Taupe?  
Thanks that helps me a lot.
Anyway to know if Clarks desert boots are an B fit or a D fit? Need a reply asap, someone is selling a pair in medium size but he doesn't know if they are B(M) or D(M).
Same here, ordered an 11US and it was too big (I could slip them off tied) so I sent them back and ordered a 10.5US. They are still a little too big, I got heel slippage in the first week which caused blisters on both feet, apparently they should slip but only a tiny bit, too much and friction causes blisters. I must be a 10US in these boots so I would order a full size down if I was you.   You could downsize by half but find yourself wanting a tighter fit, if you do a...
search engine mate, that's what you get around here.
Doesn't that ruin the boots? Some posts further back regretted it, is is just water proof stuff? What colour did you get I love these boots too
Yeah I know about raw denim but you still wash it at least once to prevent all the honeycombs and fade lines moving up your legs from the shrinkage which looks retarded if you don't wash it before wearing it. Anyways I picked up a pair of clarks desert boots off amazon in taupe for £54 ($70) so saved myself £25 and the clarks shop didn't even know about Taupe, he spent half an hour looking for that colour on their systems and I had to show him it on my phone cause he...
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