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My mishap was having a pint of beer with my lunch on Boxing day. I got pulled over and was 1 point over the legal limit (81 mg). It was so boarder line that the 2 coppers started having an argument as to if they should arrest me or not. Ar**holes nicked me so looks like I'm going to loose my licence!
  Hey, thanks for all your advice. I'm guessing you are somewhat of a 'pro' on these forums. I could do with a mentor like you. At the moment I'm just absorbing and learning as much as I can. I never thought I'd get into photography but after going to a 'street photography' exhibition in London and seeing some amazing images by Jessie Wright, I'm now hooked. I think I might subscribe to this thread and see if I can pick up any tips or advice from people like...
Hi, I'm new to these forums. I was just wondering if anyone had had any experience using 50mm prime lenses. I have bought my first DSLR, A Sony A57, and someone advised me that I wanted to learn photography then i should get a 50mm lens. he said that it would teach me to 'think' when I go out shooting. I'm more into 'street' photography so would this lens be useful?  
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