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Arnys tan briefcase. Still at $121 USD with 2 days to go. Handsome. Used. Steven
Quote: Originally Posted by SimonC Flusser raincoat? Made for Flusser by Mackintosh in Scotland $1,395 at the Alan Flusser shop. See the attached article from Will's blog: Steven
[quote=RJman;3819992]Always happy to help an e-friend. Keep alive the memory of the RJ cat and his posse.[quote] Your cat is playing with my late Bouvier mix, Rosie, in the Elysian fields. They are happy there and remember us. Steven
Quote: Originally Posted by razl Chiming in another vote for the single-pleat, classic-fit, with a decent rise! +1. Medium gray flannel or worsted. Size 36 (or 38 after cake). Beautiful fabrics. Steven
Thank you too, RJman, for artifacts with character and history. I should have kept my A&F leather animals from 40 years ago, no matter how ridiculous. Steven
Quote: Originally Posted by jim5467 I bought that coat! And I'm wearing the same Invertere walking coat in navy blue cotton (with wool lining) that I bought from Valerie. You got a great deal. Steven
Drumohr cashmere/silk scarf (brown). Marinella affiliate. $150. Reputable seller. Other colors available. Steven
New Invertere brown wool walking coat. Size 46. O'Connells: $1,000. Here: 75 lbs BIN. Great seller. Steven
Numerous Drakes pocket squares for sale. Cheap: Steven
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman OK, you really find anything on ebay... SAB pizzle: that is, a whip made from a bull's penis and marketed by SAB. Only read about these in VOltaire, where they are used to beat galley slaves. ] You are correct insofar as Seller confirms that pizzle "may" have been for "human use", but does not admit personal experience to support her supposition. She...
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