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Shows that there can be more than one "Quality Seller" on this forum. Steven
Quote: Originally Posted by SimonC Phenomenal Sulka cashmere coat with mink collar. Low gorge. Fur collar. Belted. Why does it set off the music from the movie Superfly ("darkness of night, moon shining bright")? Steven
Good price on two new Asprey wallets: Despite their august reputation and high price, my own experience indicates that Asprey wallets are neither more nor less durable than their competitors (e.g. Swaine, Smythson). Steven
Thanks as always, RJman, for the entertainment and history. The price on the Sulka croc belt is ridiculously low. Retail would have been close to $400. I was thinking of listing my Sulka alligator-trimmed wool surcingle belt on B&S (my wife hates it but Whnay or Iammatt might love it, especially as it is on the cover of one of Flusser's books). But it cost $150 15 years ago. Wonder what it'd be worth now, if anything? Steven
The Dunhill bridle briefcase on RJman's list is exceptional. Tempting too. Steven
Valentini wool pants in various sizes from Ian. All extra slim.
Merry Christmas to you and family, RJman. Steven
Quote: Originally Posted by RJman the RJ cat. Fixed. Steven
Gift has been claimed. Given in memory of the RJ cat and Rosie, my Bouvier mix. Rest in peace. Steven
Well, to beat the subject of the Charvet silk knot cuff links to death, I located a set of two identical Charvet silk knots in blue. Brand new. They are free to any member with more than 500 posts and who is not a member of the current crew of vulgarians (you know who you are-if not, I do). I'll also throw in a navy/brown striped Drakes printed tie (worn maybe three times). No charge. It is Christmas. First PM gets it. Steven
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