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Thanks for the newest list, RJman. Always entertaining. Even educational. Steven
Quote: Originally Posted by guroed for rulers of smaller snobbish countries ignorant of technology : you need this on your desk... Fixed. Our tax dollars at work.
Longhi black croc belt, size 42. Good condition. Now $100. Featured on Bergdorf's first floor. Can't imagine what it cost new (mafoofan can-he bought his lost Longhi belt at Jay Kos).
Nice item, Steven. The airline baggage handlers, however, would not be in awe and might eeven take their revenge. Quote: Originally Posted by MalfordOfLondon SAB gladstone. Don't get too excited though - priced about right.
The Invertere raincoat posted by RJman, from seller Valerie Wafer, will probably be heavier and have a more pronounced twill that you might expect (it looks just like the fabric on a raincoat I bought from her). The size is probably closer to a 42 than 40. It won't be a form-fitting coat by any means but it won't give out on you for a long time. Steven
Really beautiful.
Quote: Originally Posted by bigt I believe turtles is correct, it doesn't look like a RLPL product, the link turtles provided is the same bag, also mentions it comes with a purple dust cover (but not a rlpl...). I'm wearing a pair of Purple Label gloves today (older) with a purple label and Ralph Lauren written in script. Lauren hasn't made gloves (or belts) with this labeling for several years. The "new" Purple Label comes with the purple...
I bought these shoes ("Eaton") penny loafer from Crockett in an 8.5EX fitting, which would be the equivalent of a slightly longer and narrower Alden 9E in the Aberdeen last. The "EX" was an 1/8" wider than the typical British E fitting (aka an American D fitting). I don't think they were made in the wide G fitting. These should fit a U.S. 9.5D wearer who likes his shoes a little wider. They're a high quality shoe. Steven
The Tanner Krolle bridle hide, at least in burgundy, is substantially more scratch resistant than SAB. The stitching around the edges is also thicker and less likely to tear. It's a more solid piece. Steven
Quote: Originally Posted by appolyon Where is RJ? "And like the snows of yesteryear, gone from this earth"
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