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Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker ^ God DAMN. I want to have RJ ebay skills like that one day Im eyeing the Madeleine umbrella, and that tortoise shell Asprey set is the fucking tits. The Madeleine umbrella is listed as a woman's accessory. So you certainly can't want that. Aren't you dreaming of a reasonably priced new tan suede Valstar Valstarino jacket? I can arrange for that. Steven
Recently bought on Ebay. The listing is below. Light tan color. Marks at end of sleeve noted in listing are not bad at all (might come out with suede eraser). Valstar on tag (this is the Valstarino model). Now $50 shipped CONUSA. Another view of the jacket, albeit in brown, from the Sartorialist. Sells for 795 euros retail.
Quote: Originally Posted by NORE :RJcat: Perhaps you can pace your posts so they aren't so epic in length each time? Not everyone enjoys everything you link, thought we all pick and choose. If it's a real service you wish to do, do that PS: Still keeping an eye out for those coral links for ya Perhaps this is the wrong thread for you to infect. It would be a "real service" if you'd avoid this thread and leave it for those who...
Byron at Missolonghi excerpt. For RJman. Seek out"”less often sought than found"” A Soldier's Grave, for thee the best; Then look around, and choose thy Ground, And take thy rest.
Warren, I (along with many other members) have the Alden cordovan loafers. They will stretch. Soak with water and put shoe trees in 'em or take them to a cobbler. Steven
Seraphin leather jacket (RJman favorite). New. About size 42. Current bid at $150.00.
Wonderful Asprey brown calf wallet posted by RJman. Check out other items from this seller: Wonder if he is a Styleforum member? Thanks, RJ, even though I have an excess of stored and unused English wallets. Steven
Newish (but black) Tanner Krolle black leather leather attache case. Currently under $100. 1 day left on UK auction.
Quote: Originally Posted by cbbuff Lots of his shit is the shit. Andrew is a true gentleman. Buy with confidence. Steven
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