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New Connolly briefcase. Current low bid. Styling seems a bit advanced. Steven
No bids yet on new Papworth briefcase on RJman's latest list of treats with one day to go.
Quote: Originally Posted by whusurdadi Buncha Spano by Drakes ties - She'll take $50 off ebay I was interested until I saw they were 4".
Never used tan English bridle Gladstone bag from forum member Andrew Harris:
Never tire of thanking RJman for his lists. I was intrigued by the "tip jar" suggestion but instead we could contribute to the Styleforum Christmas charity in his name. The green alligator RLPL money clip is dubious. This is an item I "almost bought" for $175 from the website several times in past years. But the Lauren signature would have been in script. If anyone wants a really well made and durable money clip, I'd suggest April in Paris brown grain leather. Less than...
Bumped. Dress like you own Balmoral. Steven
Thanks for the list,RJman. Always a pleasure. For the very lonely traveler or inmate at prep school, the travel cock (clock?) was sold but the penis finds no love (phrasing?). Here's a Lauren alligator travel wallet: Steven
Check out this seller's collection of Italian suede jackets (Lamatta, Eddy Monetti). The navy suede and the brown Eleventy suede in particular. These used to be my size (he said wistfully). Steven
Bumped in appreciation. Thanks for the service and the fine Marinella tie. Steven
Ruffo tan leather jacket, size 52. Now at $1.60. Handsome jacket but scratched by a cat "with sharp claws". Could it be RJman related? Steven
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