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Mark Cross NOS black grained leather wallet. Current bid about $21. If anyone here decides to buy this item, I'd be interested in the card holder that comes with it and will share the cost. Steven
Handsome Dunhill wallet Good price on English-made black leather jotter:
Good service from this seller. Recommend.Steven
Thanks, Stephen, for another interesting list. Steven Handsome Asprey silver ribbed box. Use for business cards, but only if they are water-marked. Steven
Current bid is low on new EG dark oak Dovers. 11E US Steven
Thanks for the Drakes tie reference, YoungAmerican. Remarkable value. Just bought one. Steven
New brown Valextra wallet. $75 BIN. Steven Handsome Papworth briefcase with low starting bid. Offered by Styleforum member:
What an artist dies in me.He might have used D'artagnan's last words:Athos, Porthos, au revoir! Aramis, a jamais, adieu!"Or Louis XIV:"Why do you weep?" he asked: "did you think that I wasimmortal?" (Pourquoi pleurez-vous ? m'avez-vous cru immortel?)
You are needed here.Steven
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