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Try this link for better pictures:
Black natural goatskin Smooth calf leather interior Eight card pockets Two bill pockets Two side pockets W4"H4.5"
My late D'avenza overcoat was one of the finer items I've owned. Someone who is still a 40 (not me) should snap this up at this price. Steven
Handsome Invertere jacket. Currently a bargain. Durable and warmer than it looks. Steven
I had this model Invertere in the late '60s. Not particularly warm. Wears well, though. Ask for measurements on this item. An Invertere 40 is usually the equivalent of a 42.Steven
Probably. PM me over the week-end (you and anybody else-but you did ask first). We can talk about it.Steven
Be sure to get measurements to the middle hole. The Lobb belts run small. Proof is that I have a supposedly 38 brown Lobb belt that I can't wear because it is closer to a 36.Steven
Valextra black briefcase. Never used but has minor loose stitching (how's that?). No reserve. $50 shipping to U.S. Steven
Thanks for your insight, Stephen. Steven (USA and with a v)
Question for Dunhill experts (Stephen?) What questions can I ask the seller so as to be assured this item is authentic as opposed to fake (and I have bought fake Dunhill on Ebay previously)? Are there serial numbers associated with this item? Thanks. Dunhill saddle tan wallet/notebook: Here's the same item offered by a...
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