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Fraiche - Will do, thanks! Bellyhungry - they certainly have the slimmest leg openings I've seen, but it is a piece out of my price range for this next purchase.. thanks!
I just moved back to Dallas from LA and don't have a trustworthy tailor here yet. I feel like adjusting the leg opening is a more complicated job than your basic alterations lady can handle. I have had a few take in my shirts and they did a piss poor job.
Salutations Gents, I am a 25 year old guy with a penchant for suits. I own a slim fit Zegna, Brooks Brothers, Ralph Lauren and a couple Zara's, but none of them have a slim enough leg opening. I am searching for a Slim Fit Suit, preferably three piece or double breasted, that has a small leg opening(I believe they call this carrot or tapered leg) I am simply looking for suggestions of brands/fits to look up or to try out. I have been thinking about trying out a Suit...
New Posts  All Forums: