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Thanks. I can see and feel the difference. Will need to keep this in mind moving forward. With this suit and tailoring tips to really make it shine?
Thank you all for the feedback.  I am trying to get a dial on proper fit and appreciate the help.  I took some of the advise provided and purchased new suit (not committed - still has tags) but think this is a better starting point.  Below are pics and is this a step in the right direction?  I can feel the difference wearing this jacket versus the previous one I posted about.   It is still a 40R, but slimmer cut.  Pants are 32/32.  Just arrived and needs to be...
Thanks all. Can't return these. Got 1st in a pinch and kept reps advice about 40 size with 2nd purchase. Wish I reached to you all before but this was a while back. Will seek tailor and ask about taking in the waist to try to salvage some style. Any other ideas?
Thanks. Any tailoring hope with these? They're done and bought. Appreciate the feedback from all and will.look into 38 with next suit purchase.
Thanks. I tried a 38 but was told (store rep) I should be a 40 long. 40 long had the cuffs over my knuckles and felt like the length of the coat was way too long. So am now stuck with this. Sounds like you think is too wide in the shoulders?
Any feedback?  Should I post this in a different section?   Thanks.
Hello All,   1st time post and hope you all can help.  I currently have two suits (one black and one dark gray) and would love any feedback on tailoring suggestions.  Outside of having the pants hemmed, nothing has been done.  I know off the rack suits will never fit like 007's but any suggestions on how to improve?  (someone suggested "waist suppression to give a more tailored look)   I am 6 foot and about 165 lbs. These suits are 40R.   Pics...
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