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Peacoat (or anyone else who would be knowledgeable with these things), would you mind taking a look and letting me know which of these three peacoats you would go for (price doesn't matter to me):   Coat #1 - Mint condition - 1950's US Navy vintage pea coat - Heavy Kersey wool - Corduroy lined pockets - Super clean coat   Coat #2 - Excellent condition - Vietnam War USN vintage pea coat - Heavy Kersey wool - Black lined pockets.   Coat #3 -...
I emailed VT and Greg replied (anyone know whatever happened to Gary?) saying that there was no moth tracking or other kind of damage. He characterized both coats as "mint condition."
Peacoat, I have a quick question for you, if you don't mind.   I'm currently trying to choose between the following two coats. They appear to be identical in size and condition. Which would you go with, all things equal?   1. 1967 peacoat, kersey, black-lined pockets:   2. 1950s peacoat, kersey, corduroy-lined...
Would anyone be able to identify whether this peacoat is made of kersey or melton?
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