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Thanks kwaker using the tools you suggested I made this. I'm still not happy about the edges and hand threading but here is what I made.Whiskey cordovan card case.
I hear cordovan takes a bit longer to break in but apparently when it does its the softest thing ever. From what you said I think it probably will be OK but I'll let the others speak on that.
Congrats on your purchase! I think socks make a nice gift in general. You can't have too many of them :P
There should be more green in our wardrobe. Its an underappreciated colour.
Yeah I noticed that I thought it was just bad luck that I got a cordovan that welts but I'll make sure I only use it for things that are unlikely to get wet. I don't think I will make a watch strap out of this one.
Looks brilliant mind if I ask what the shoes they are?
Ah thanks! That's exactly what I need for this thing.
Just bought some whiskey cordovan from Clayton leather to make a card case for my friend. (Note: I don't do this as a career. I've dealt with leather repairing my sports gear but that's about it). The stitching is still quite bad. It's my first cordovan crafting so it will take a few more tries to get used to the leather. The image below is when I stitched deer skin. Hopefully I will be able to stitch it to a similar standard soon. The cordovan from Clayton is...
I've had excellent results with beautiful patina build up using neutral polish on tan shoes. Sadly I no longer have the shoes to show but it almost looks a bit like whiskey. I think some people's opinion tends towards colour polish as when the shoe flexes neutral tends to leave an off white polish dust.
I've made some expensive mistakes with buying shoes too small. The size is correct and the fit is good I just wear them a lot. Eventually all shoes will crease.
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