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So I'm in the market for some commando soles and I wondered if you could answer some questions for me please. A) I am looking at ishide as it has a good amount of lug and recess for the stitching but how hard are these compared to dainite? B) I heard vibram is much softer and I prefer that but do they have a model that has a pronounced lug with stitch recess? In a nutshell do vibram have a clone of the ishide one? C) who makes grenson's commando? Is it ishide? Thanks...
Damn I missed the train by the looks of it...The lady at c and j told me of a similar story with the split toe cordovan boots. The factory basically said no presumably because the cordovan will buckle near the seams.The Shackleton challenge version had a full bellow but I didn't check the boot today to see if it was a partial bellow or no bellow... I should have.Thanks for the reply
I went to one of the Crockett and Jones store and apparently the Snowdon is not bellow tongued any more but when did this happen? I seem to remember it being bellowed a while ago... If its a recent thing then what's the odds of it being bellowed again?
So as far as i know both ishide and vibram offer commando pattered lug soles. Particularly suited for country boots... The question is which one do you prefer and why? Please note we're not talking about other rubber sole alternatives like the lower profile commando or ridgeway, dainite etc... Just purely those two... Discuss!!
Excellent thank you looks like its narrowed down to ridgeway or lug at this point. If anyone has tried both out in the wild please let me know which you preferred. Thanks for your help again :)
Thanks for your reply. Yeah that's my experience too with dainite... although it slips much less that leather and I do personally like the low profile design of it, are ridgeway any better?
Hi everyone right now I've got a nice stormwelted pair of boots (barker lambourne). I know its not really meant to be a camping boot but it fits very well and I'm going to see how well it stands up in the wild soon. The thing is right now its got a dainite studded sole on by default but if I ever want more traction what would you go for? Ridgeway, commando or lug? What's the difference between these like in terms of traction and appearance? So is lug substantially more...
It depends on potluck. Some cordovan 'welts' which is when you get bloats when it's wet but others are so waterproof some people even dedicate it for bad weather. I don't think there is a way of telling other than trying. For a bit more waterproofing I've heard that saffire cordovan cream helps. But pretty much everyone here vouch for saffire renovetur when it comes to cordovan care.
Thanks kwaker using the tools you suggested I made this. I'm still not happy about the edges and hand threading but here is what I made.Whiskey cordovan card case.
I hear cordovan takes a bit longer to break in but apparently when it does its the softest thing ever. From what you said I think it probably will be OK but I'll let the others speak on that.
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