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Perfect shade of whiskey not too dark not too light. I really hope the c and j sale has a few whiskey available.
Thanks Saphir
A bad week... Going out with the boys to drown my sorrows. C and j Wembley Uniqlo socks + trousers
Thanks in which case I'll patiently wait for the colour to form
Just got a new pair of Wembley Still in the process of removing the brown polish the factory applied with neutral polish. Its much darker than the dark brown of the lowndes for some reason they should be the same leather... Has anyone managed to make the shoe much lighter and in richer in colour? 360 is a very odd last by the way its very very pointy to look down as the wearer but when looking at it head on or from the side it looks more almond.
I think last one works. Probably because of the quilted top.
Hi thanks for that I'll go try the 325 last on in Jermyn street in that case.
Hi I'm thinking of getting a pair in brown cordovan in the 341 last (Which I'm guessing the lindrick is on). I'm in London but is there anywhere I could go to try the shoes on first? Also is there any tips on how to buy it cheap? Sale discount code etc...
Beautiful boots! What boots is it?
@ stitches Must... Resist... Asking... >
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