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When in doubt lighter shade of polish is your friend. Patina in my experience is best acquired over a period of time through natural use. Its hard to explain but there is something artificial about an aimed patina to my eyes.
Thanks for the detailed reply! I've only ever had cork footbeds but if I was given the choice would it be worth going for felt? I am thinking of getting a MTO whole cut from c and j for my next shoe.
I'm asking this purely from an educational stand point but I heard that instead of cork some shoesmith puts felt in their shoes. Is this true? If so what are the benefits and short falls? Thanks in advance.
I know this isn't high holology in anyway but I just received a Calvin Klein watch as a gift. To my surprise it was automatic and it deceivingly comes in a very respectable wood and metal box... Anybody knows who makes the watches for Calvin Klein? It says Swiss made on the bottom. I might use this as my knock about watch.
these look amazing.
I've got a pair of dark brown calf c and j that fits fantastically but the burnish is a bit dark for my taste. Anybody tried removing their burnishing using saphir renomat? P.s. the burnish is even not just the toes.
I think you may have misunderstood the joke. Dad's army is an old TV show and I was saying you probably liked the combination because you watched the show full of amicable characters wearing it.
Now that's a cordovan
My guess is you've been watching too much dad's army sir! Plenty of khaki and black there.
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