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  I wrote to Sandro and he replied to say that he checked with the factory and they claim that because its a handmade shoe, its an aesthetic issue that happens.   I have a couple of their LM models but this is my first classic model and its leaving quite a bitter experience.
  Hey chogall, or whoever's experienced, isn't the leather upper and the sole not well stitched? It seems like there is a huge gaping hole. It looks pretty bad but i'm not too sure what's the actual problem. Is this really due to improper burnishing?
  Hi all,   I need some help. I've been around reading the forum for quite some time but i still count myself pretty green and new to shoes. I've bought a couple of Linea Maestro models from Meermin in the past but recently but i have a pretty bad shipment lately. To top it off, i saw this on my pair of classic model, semi brogue suede shoes.   Is that normal or its a huge defect?   Can someone feedback regarding this?
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