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Really bummed to read about the Trainer pre-order (glad I checked the forum, as I never received an email). I am one of the first-time customers that Mike referred to and I was super excited to be able to get something in cordovan at a price I could afford. Disappointment aside, I just want to say that having had no experience with the brand before, I appreciate your taking the time to check things out personally and be so transparent about what went wrong, on top of your...
Grabbed two pairs of skivvies. Went with my usual medium; here's hoping they fit.
My tee arrived in the mail yesterday. First purchase from WvG.   Holy shit, it's amazing
Lookin' good. Took mine out today as well. Hooray for cold weather!
 I'm just going to jump in here and reiterate my previous advice in regards to VT: Don't go by their measurements. Only buy a peacoat based on the labeled size. If it doesn't have a label, do not buy it. You can try to send Peacoat's measuring guide, but having done that, I'm fairly certain they just ignore it.
I'll let someone more knowledgeable advise you on the rest of your questions but as far as VT and measurements go, I'll say this: I would not bother trying to get them to measure a coat. Read Peacoat's guide, pick the size that should fit your measurements and then make sure the coat you buy is of the year you desire and has the desired size marked on the original label. 99.99% of the time the measurements will be on the money. You may end up like me and get, say, a size...
Received my newest peacoat from VT. The good: Fit. I'm glad I went with a 38. Measures 20.5" p2p and fits great. The bad: Not quite as "mint" as they described. Specifically, there a pretty obvious stains on the end of the left sleeve. The wool there is discolored and indented and I'm not sure a dry cleaning is going to get it out. I tried to get a good photo of it:     There are some other issues as well. There are definitely a few rough spots on the rest of...
Order a pair of the 1Ks off of Repertoire last week and they came in today. Ordered the same size as my Iron Rangers (8.5) but these feel a little tight on the sides and top, at the start of my instep, right behind my toes. Does anyone know how much additional length a 9 is going to add? I figure a half size should give me the width I need.
Has anyone had any experience with removing insignia from one of these coats? I'm thinking that after 50+ years you would have an outline on the arm from where the patch used to be, but I just want to be sure.
This seems the most likely situation, unfortunately.Yeah, in the last email the guy even checked to make sure we were on the same page, as he put it so I once again cut and pasted the measuring section of your article. I think I'm just going to get another 38 because there is no way in hell I'll be able to squeeze into a 36.
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