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Is there a list of all AE shoes and their lasts made already?  On their site it talks about lasts, but doesn't have the shoes grouped together with their corresponding last.
Wanted to get the Mora 2.0, but want your opinion on what color.  Don't want black and deciding on which is more versatile, the bourbon or brown burnished.
No chili in my size
So far I own this: Strand in walnut, Park Avenue in black and bourbon, Flatiron in walnut, and Vernon in saddle brown.  I've wanted a Mora 2.0 for awhile probably in brown, and I'm liking the new University.  What do you guys think I should get in this sale?  Would love your input.  Also read there is another sale in 3 months, should I wait?
Just bought a J.Crew Bayswater Peacoat in XS.  My chest is just shy of 37" so went with the XS as it's p2p is 20''.  It feels nice, but seems short in the arms and length.  I'm 5'9'' and 150lbs.  Could a tailor add enough length?  Just noticed they had a tall option which adds body length of 11⁄2" longer and sleeve length of 11⁄4" longer, would this be a better option?  How much arm movement in a proper fitting pea coat, for example lifting your arms perpendicular to...
I'm looking to get some of my first better quality suits.  I know the colors I want are navy and charcoal.  BB is having their Christmas sale and I want to take advantage of that.  I picked this suit,default,pd.html?dwvar_MK00224_Color=MDGY&contentpos=2&cgid=0216    However it is in grey rather than charcoal, should I just get the navy and hold off for charcoal?  Thanks for any advice!
What do you guys think of the new Tap Sole option by AE?  Would you guys do it on your shoes?  I live in a rainy/snowy area so was thinking about it.
Should I get the tap sole option for AE Strands?   I live in Utah so for a good portion of the year it's rainy or snowy.
Are all cap toe non brouged shoes considered formal? I know black is, but what about other colors?
Just purchased the Park Avenues in Bourbon and Strands in Walnut, my first Allen Edmonds!  I'm a student so got two free belts and ties a $383 dollar value.  Had to have the shoes shipped to me, can't wait to wear them!  I was originally thinking Merlot or Black for the Park Avenues, but black seemed too formal and Bourbon seemed like it would go well with more items.  Unfortunately they weren't on sell so had to pay full price, but seemed like a good deal with the...
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