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why are you yelling
really wish I could fit in the bomber with the woven shoulders
thanks dudeI'm thinking of flipping em thoughI feel like they are maybe a little too flashy and I think that the all white would fit my style a little betterI like the whole idea of futuristic kicks that are almost like a little girl's shoes, but really cool, except I can't seem to make them work congruentlyit's hard to work them into a fit without going 100% balls to the wall future-y and out there, which I don't even really have the wardrobe for in the first placeobvious...
I ate 3 of those bacon wrapped hot dogs in the mission one drunken night I think this would have been better with my cp
where do I get these?
not too shabby, may have to try that myself
that's not the relaxed linen with the elastic waistband, is it??
def my favorite fit I've seen from you
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