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Who was the member who got the green overcoat made from Oscar hunt? Any chance of reporting the real life pics, couldn't find them in the original thread
Thanks mate, no idea could be cooking oil or maybe petrol only things that are splashableb i dealt with that day.Its a descent size, maybe 2 50c pieces.
Nah no idea, they seemed to think it was an oil mark. Any suggestions, nothing to lose at this point.
Oli just reminded me, re: Melb dry cleaners. Couldn't make it to Sam in the docklands and someone else recommended renes dry cleaning to me. Suit came back looking good, not shiny, nice lapel roll. They couldn't get the mark out though, sent it back a second time still no go so didn't charge me anything. Have a second pair of trousers for that suit thankfully.
Doesn't seem that different from luxire inhouse one piece so I'm sure they can replicate that if they haven't already. That shirt fabric in the first pic looks awesome though.
I was onboard with your shoe rant but beards are awesome son, dont hate others just because you can't grow one.
I agree looks quite interesting. Still need some guidance on olfe v Elton last though
First they came for our aussie members thread... I'm gonna say journeyman. Keeps his head above the riff raff, intelligent responses and tirelessly offers advice and answers to other members questions.
The antique cherry looks adelaides look tempting. Hows the Elton last compare to the olfe?
Perhaps urban os right that it is a journey. I think some people go further along that others up that expensive road. At the end of the day meermin classics for their price are good value but in terms of comfort and quality control not ad good as even loakes imo. That said I still consider meermin because they have unique styles that the others dont. With carminas price increases the Meermin LM line can also be an alternative as the LNs are quite comfortable and quire...
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