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 Grats mate, hope you're enjoying the new job and city. 1.  Katrina's Tailors down flinders lane has been good to me.  There's more common ones recommended im sure the others guys will mention.2.  I asked about this a couple of months back and the resounding answer was Rekaris on Russel St. Been there a couple of times now and +1 to the rec for it..
I'd probably defer to JMs recommendation but if you want an old school tailor, Frank down in new stead did plenty of work for me (including the collar roll) when I was living in brisvegas
Probably consider it dark/navy more than "blue" but it looks navy to me not black.  I'm sure in person it will clearly be navy and not hard to distinguish between. 
Latest Luxire     Left to right   Vista Blue Dress Strips Navy Small Gingham Dark Green Small Gingham   Finally tried NOBD-2 collar - damn awesome :) Works well with a tie and without, my new favourite collar.   Will need to work with Luxire to perfect my fit, I get it in the ball park 85-90% there but couple of small things I should try to fix.
That Coat looks awesome as
Thanks sharing CD, interesting use of technology.    If it works I can see how in some cases even with a skilled tailor it could potentially eliminate some of the iterations to get a persons fit.  At the lower end of the market like Indochina, I dare say this would provide better measurements, capture all the data need and provide a consistent process etc.   The real test would be to have a suit made up of a similar fabric, one from a skilled tailor vs the machine and...
That Carlos Santos shadow wine oxford is a crazy good colour and shoe.   Hope you restock it, annoyed I missed seeing it added >.<
I only tried rm Williams a while ago and was pretty impressed with how comfortable they were and how good the fit could be. The Macquarie is quite elegant imo but fit isn't 100% for me. Craftsman was spot on but still not sure if the chisel toe is too chiselled.
 If you don't get pine and a dark forest from Norne, your samples bunk or you're doing it wrong.
Piney Forresty is spot on slumberhouse Norne.
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