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First place in ages I haven't air con or fan in the bedroom, these warm stale Melbourne nights in recent weeks have been a killer. Can sleep in any heat and under a Donna as long as there's some air flow
Why couldn't you have been a size up %p
 Thanks for sharing your review, thought the only burgundy brogue they offered was the one on the narrow ass new rey.  Have been after a cost effective shoe like that for a while.
Can now +1 to Rekaris.   Happy with the work, price, turn around time and the owner is a good bloke, could chat shoes all day if he wasn't so busy.
   Thanks for the replies lads.  Found a couple of posts from people who are x in soller and x.5 in Simpson so will just order the half size up I think.  These boots have been the hardest thing to buy (SF wise) initially started with CS Jodhpurs then to RM's then landed on Carmina's at last.
Anyone have any experience with soller and Simpson carmina lasts? I'm an 8uk in the soller boot, 8.5 uetam trying to work out best size for chelseas? Cheers (yes already asked in sizing thread no love)
Alright those StC are awesome and sorry to detract but any word on when you might be restocking carmina boots leaves?
Didn't realise we had threads like that on SF. We need to be appreciating women in boots more, this is an important area of fashion I tell you
doh, didn't pay attention to any of the other sales as I had my eye on a barbour jacket @ country attire...go to buy it and turns out they have distributions restrictions on sending our barbours >.<
Was looking to purchase a pair of craftsmans but was surprised by the seam down the middle of them even the toes.  Does this fade or become less noticeable with wear?
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