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 I'd still have to say it takes a mix and comms is the primary facilitator.  As journey man mentioned maybe they had trouble acquiring or getting in more cloth, so the expectation of 4-5 weeks was solid but then this came up.  Customer might not be happy with the delay but probably wouldn't need to vent if they got back to him and explained that before hand. Let's take luxire as an example.  They still to this date generally over estimate the turn around times and yet they...
 You sir are a gentleman.  Common knowledge to the whole internet and he still doesn't name names.
 Agreed, I think a lot of it comes down to basic communication and expectations setting though.  Over estimating your turn around time is one sure way to annoy new customers and then not communicating with them when it blows out or passes by just makes it worse.  We all want our stuff as soon as possible but people are a lot more reasonable and understanding if you actively communicate and give them a reason rather than them chasing you up.  Communication,sounds simple,...
Thanks for reporting back, oh well disappointing.
Yeah please do, will be very strange if they have but anyway a timely reminder to do your research with meermin, not doing so nets you unexpected costs and soles apparently :p
I think it all adds up, but essentially consumers don't always respond to the things they should because technology can be complex and hard to quantify eg how much faster is Word or my browser going to open with 3GHz vs 2.6? so thinner and lighter has become a proxy battleground and metric of stats, more so with tablets but you see it with laptops too.   Depending on what you are trying to achieve the Surface Pro 3 is great device that's worth a look in...albeit bad...
Are you referring to the image on their site?  The product specs has that as full single leather sole.  I think that picture is an anomaly or part of the concept build (not production), its the example same shoe as the antique chestnut which you can see on that page they have the full leather sole as you'd expect.
 Looking forward to seeing the results CD.  How long is the turn around time?
 well done, haven't seen a Hitler parody in a long while and that was gold.
I noticed they added the antique oak rtw.  The actual product images didn't look that good but these new real life shots are great  
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