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 You need to get a light moisturizer or one that's designed for oily skin.  Check out the Anthony logistics range or the Urth range of mens products.  You could also consider incorporating a clay mask product into the mix, balances complexion, cleans pores and reduces oily skin eg:  http://au.strawberrynet.com/mens-skincare/anthony/logistics-for-men-deep-pore-cleansing/116180/?langBox=au
Im not too surprised at the leather jacket and in the reddit thread luxire pretty much said the same thing that new items are works in progress.  The first pair of shoes received looked pretty unimpressive but by the end of it that one members pair of captoes looked great, and subsequent images we've seen look better and better.  Same for suiting really, Luxire kept at it and now the standard (based off SF) is a lot of praise for the quality that comes back.   I have a...
 Its a problem across most of the western world to be honest not just Australia.  People are consumers these days, citizens in name only and a far cry away from the version of the citizen envisioned and enshrined in the concepts of democracy. I would say the whole surveillance State that has unfolded across a lot of the West, no more so than in American and the UK is a testament to that.  When people are more interested, vocal and active about the celebrity nude pic...
A lot of consumers don't know they are one and the same, so gives the illusion of more choice plus to R&B credit they actually experiment and put out some different stuff, their sales are also notably more frequent and better than Herringbones...although that might say more about how business is going for them rather than a plus for consumers.
Yeah I don't get how people can hand over that much money for sneakers but they probably feel the same way about the shoes popular on these boards.  Anyone else not own sneakers?  I haven't had a pair in years don't see myself going back.
Where's everyone get their eidos on sale?
 If they stop doing dumb stuff people wouldn't have a reason.  People come in here to bash when they don't get a response from Meermin.  You look at other shoe threads like Carmina, CU, Herrings...I know first hand other places make mistakes and sometimes have QC issues, you don't see it in the thread though because most people go back to the merchant first and their customer service responds and sorts it out. Even this rollout with the prices..poorly communicated and...
 Pimpin aint easy hey :p
 Was still charging me Euros yesterday but if its in AUD now that's not too bad after all.  Will try another purchase tonight to see if that's now the case, talk about poorly communicated and implemented.
Japanese whiskey, get them to stock up for you :)   ---   Just noticed sherling double breasted coats in R&B's fall collection.  Looks kinda cool not sure how they'll fare reminds me of American business coats from the 80's a bit.   http://www.rhodesbeckett.com.au/products.php?s=14-70-108-232205   -- Meermin appear to have misplaced their value proposition, price increase and trying to collect on the VAT now, weak.  But the sartorial lord giveth and taketh...
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