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Anyone ever had a jacket with no middleseam tailored up at the back?
Nice find, colour and material look pretty comfortable and warm.
No got the IT48, same size I take in suit jackets. Depending on how you like your jacket to fit could size down. Whilst the belt takes care of it in considering shortening the belt and getting it taken in a bit.Haven't tried it on over suit but my gut feel now is probably not that flexible unless its the black variant. Think the popular barbours mentioned previously are likely the ideal ones for a less formal coat to wear with suits.
Wore the Roadmaster yesterday, good fit, awesome colour, nice light weight and warm. Several unsolicited compliments on it was the cherry on top. Thanks to md for pointing it out and for the info.
You ask some good objective questions and then show your own bias at the end by presupposing that the EU is an oppressive arrangement. Guess NAFTA is slavery too for the US..
Globalization isn't an ordained outcome that can take no going backwards, we've had 3 waves of it for a reason. Trade doesn't have to be stifled but if there's no perceived cost to leaving than other countries will be more open to such adventures. The common currency wont stop ignorant citizens from voting to leave.
I think the UK is going to get some pretty unfavourable terms in trade negotiations with the EU, would be in the interest of the EU to make an example to deter further potential secessions.
Score one for fear and ignorance. Hope it enjoys its one man race to autarky.
Endclothing sale is on for anyone interested. Good chance to stock up on jackets, plenty of Barbour stock. My procrastination finally paid off, picked up a Roadmaster for $655.
Hiro is too fat, need more of the olfes sexy silhouette gracing the meermin product line.
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