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Got my field jacket.     Reasonably happy with it, bit more of a formal style and structured than run of the mill field jacket, fit is good for what I was after - I don't intend to wear it over a suit jacket so sized down one and fit is solid with just shirt and trousers or with a jumper on.   Material is less wool like and more of a technical fabric.  Surprised me a bit at first but to be water resistant etc guess that was to be expected.   Will probably keep it...
Might be worth looking at mtm, plenty on the forum get their trousers from luxire and the like. Just have to get the fit down and you're set.
Doesn't look like any new stuff is up yet. Ordered the field jacket start of this week, still hasn't shipped and now out of stock in my size..
 Was going to suggest them but website was giving me 404 pages, wasn't sure if they were still going. Good to hear they are though.
Cheers, haven't used WhatsApp will give it a go
Sam has a large following on style forum great quality and good customer service.Turn around time was about 3 weeks from memory but that and prices are on the website.If you want it quicker Kent Wang also does good grenadines.Can't go wrong with Navy as a starting point.
Need to see if I can order a different size from another region, I usually don't have any luck with email customer service, did I see you guys mention a live chat service?  Not seeing it on the site at all
And from this day, it twas known as the spandexter fold.
^ Can't recall seeing the lighter colour pic but that brown and fit looks great.
Don't recall seeing a houndstooth suit from the last season or two that I was interested in, but that looks good BQ.  Think the current season one would be a lot light though from the looks of it, which is a shame.
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