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Look like standard light brown to me. They listed the antique cherry ones by the correct color so dont see why they wouldn't for others.
haha classic, just need the boot spurs now.
Thanks for the update and pics, won't be to everyones taste but I think the above works alright.   I couldn't decide between olive / navy and sure enough by the time i'd decided today the spring20 no longer works >.< always the way when procrastinating on promos.
Can't really see the sweatobe in that pic but like the actual style there.
This week on 'Anatomy of a suit'...Suit Supply jackets, hot as hell or just regular jackets.
8.5 hiro is more snug on my feet than an 8.5 olfe.
Thanks for the further thoughts. No think I would need the olive to get enough use out of the jacket.Actually one more question, could the belstaff logo on the sleeve be unpicked or removed? Really not a fan of logos on my clothes regardless of the brand.
Md, you've had your belstaff for a few more days, still happy with it? What colour did you end up getting?
Oh but end clothing doesn't have nt size in olive
Is the navy commander acceptable or is it a case of olive or bust?
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