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Just keep checking, I had a similar experience with one of the overcoats, ended up being restocked about 2 months later.
Picked up a couple susu knitwear pieces. Sizing on site was actually helpful and worked out spot on. The cashmere blends with some pieces is quite nice for the price. Tempted by the waistcoast pictured on here a cpl pages back.
I know some of you gents have a lot of travel experience, any recommendations for a good/romantic resort in Fiji?
Beautiful day in melbs really wanted to crack out the carmina burgundy loafers but relented.
Good to know Sam is in cbd now. Very happy with Katrina's myself and get along with the owner but nice to know there's other quality options around.
@iSurg yes stranger things is awesome, great 80s vibe, good mix of genres and the actual suspense is parts was refreshing. Can't wait s2.
Why are you buying camo jackets when kimber has an eidos field jacket on sale
Thanks for the mini review and all the pics. Your shirt collar is fascinating doesn't look pressed but rolled, where's it from?
For those who have purchased meermin boots do you just order your regular size, so if you were 8.5 in Hiro you'd order 8.5 hiro boot?
Even if the pre order page is blank the pre order items are appearing under the normal shop areas just marked with pre order and can be ordered.
New Posts  All Forums: