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What's everyone been buying at all these sales?
Is the Elton last just the hiro last with a chiseled toe or am I remembering this wrong?
+1 for hober. Website is poor but quality of products and customer service is top notch. I hear the $69 SUSu ties are alright, at least based on feedback and fit pics in that thread. Lastly Conrad Wu ties are solid but on the pricey side with current piss poor exchange rate.
Is brooks brothers accurate for sizing on their website, or is it like other American brands where our medium is their large?
Yeah herringbone and RB sale 50% off and magically new just in stock is out of stock unless your size 54. Useless.
Paul smith one is awesome, can't see it anywhere online though. Tried a liddeddale on in David Jones yesterday, not really a fan.
 Cheers for the heads up, swung past this afternoon, still a few suits and shirts left if you need to stock up the wardrobe with some basics or you want a pinstripe suit (lots left).  If you need sweaters and are a size L or XL then a tonne left slightly cheaper than Uniqlo I think. Managed to grab myself a Navy waxed cotton coat, wasn't expecting much but thing fits awesomely just need to let the sleeves down.  For $150 my unprepared for Melbourne winter wardrobe is...
I grabbed that mj bale suit when it was on clearance, looking forward to spring/summer to wear it
 Is it not still standard operating procedure in these events to hit up the OP shops for something more classic, thus solving the money component and worry about the clothes surviving the night?
Loving the darker colour options in the new fabrics and great to hear the new website is still coming along, sounds close.
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