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Well said JM.  If MJBale is trying to mimic or take cues from suit supply they have a long way to go, a lot of their web pics are poorly put together or in clothes a size too small, seems to increase in frequency each year.  Unfortunately I feel this is the look they are going for as what the younger guys or gfs think is appropriate.    On the plus side the web pics aren't always the reality, a number of jackets on their site can look too short yet when you try them on...
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 Disappointing to hear.  Thanks for clarifying though 
 Did you end up getting this fixed Liber or are they charging in USD and at their "VAT excluded" prices now?  Another aussie mentioned when they first made the change the payments were now localised?  The prices are about on par if they are in AUD but if not that's a big jump, because it was a $30 increase across the board (at the same time) + the loss of VAT discount.
@wurger has some gold museums and from the pics ive seen in the past keeps them (and all his shoes) in tip top shape im sure he can provide a solid recommendation.
 Quote: ...I think its clear you have to buy it now ;)
In Australia's defense those are specific EU and UK restrictions on the export of flammable liquids and IFRA restrictions on some ingredients.
 Also interested but waiting for pics
The political incentive is still there, that being support from the retailers who believe such a measure would put dollars into their pockets instead of the consumer.  I suspect with the diminished dollar though its lost a lot of attractiveness for the retailers and politicians to pursue this any further...for now.   Anyway back to praying to Renenet and Ra for the AUD to appreciate again.
Good to hear they ate back on their way.Most people should never need one if shipping via a service that doesn't dump n run.
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