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 You know what, I'm going to follow your lead.  Had the brown jacket in the cart but have plenty of sports coats and a darker brown already, close.   Plenty of size 30 or size 36...you know what to do...
 For anyone needing staples the mudgee and tumut suits are solid candidates with crazy good value, $240 with the discount.
If you have other priorities for your money then I think Geoff summed it up well, about balance and picking the right time and keeping an eye out.  It's almost like more of a hobby or skill in that respect and nailing quality purchases at the right times.    Diminishing returns similar to what Oli said keeps me in check.  I could buy St Crispin shoes but I don't think that extra $1000+ is going to give me an equal level of satisfaction or improve my look much over a...
 Nah just turn it inside out Seinfeld style 
 +1 Would love to see them win a flag in my life time but just an appearance in the Grand final would be a nice change of pace.
 Thank you, now to see what might be left in my size
 These sound like really good prices is this on grailed?
 Your description looks to be in line with the image linked there, eg shorter sleeve length and short back length.  I think the sleeve length might be an anomaly but the shorter jacket length is the design for most of their non suit jackets now.  For sports coats I actually don't mind the back length being a bit shorter and as long as it doesn't creep over to their suit range I think they'll be fine.
 The "360" approach can be great for colleagues evaluating each other but have rarely seen it work (and as such implemented) across hierarchy levels.  Still sounds like a fun pick a path adventure you have, I imagine one of them leads to business as usual the other path...
Stand corrected awesome example.
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