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 I think its a good mix of the 2.  Can't put m finger on what it is (could just be the pics) but this looks better than the Liddesdale imo.  How much are HB's charging for this one?
Criticising advertising for propagating sexism and gender inequality is the equivalent of blaming video games for gender inequality (or violence in society);  its an easy target and a quick way to feel morally superior whilst ignoring the main causes because addressing those would actually require work and more than 2 seconds worth of thought to resolve.
Again, bit of a can't please everyone thing, for me sexism implies an inequality or discrimination aspect to it, SS marketing is more a kin to the notion that sex sells and or the market association for consumers that dressing well will get naked women in your pool...apparently.
I just think they need to rejigg their marketing and campaign launches a bit, I mean suit supply don't do too much different, they stick with classics but with different seasonal colours and materials but a) all the pieces are well modelled and styled together and b) they have crazy campaigns but it gets attention and does the job without having to resort to creating out there pieces which do nothing but get people questioning if MJB know what they are doing anymore.
 The kangaroo racer looked like it could be pretty awesome but sounds like they aren't doing that one.  Their other jackets look like solid alternatives to barbour albeit quite pricey
Looking through my subscribed threads saw TOJ was still on there, wow. Talk about a fall.
Are SuSu opening an Australian store?
 haha, if that doesn't convince you this new addition to their collection should  
I know previously one or two members have mentioned the lack of oxblood belts.  I still think the equus burgundy is a great option but looks like our latest styleforum afflilate now offers proper oxblood for those interested   http://www.azzuraa.com/product-details.php?gid=33&cid=20&pid=88
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