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Not trying to be a dick but how do posed pics of brand new shoes vs worn shoes barely posed, demonstrate a quantum leap in quality?
Yep been that way for a while. Either need to find a proxy for purchasing from OS or hand over more money than you should buying locally.
Thanks for the heads up on HB, picked up some ties. Tried on some field jackets but just wasn't feeling it.
Got so excited when I saw an email for 15% off but limited loafers >.
Selfies are good, nice to see some pics in the thread. Wouldn't mind seeing the full outfit though.
Rest of the world is off catching Pokemon mdr is trying to catch one of every jacket in every color :P
Wouldn't even wipe my ass with patent leather.
Olfe is awesome, meermin need to dial back Elton and his demented cousin hiro and crank up the olfes.
 The napisan paste takes care of these so you don't have to keep a bucket of water around.  That and you know get onboard with the clinical protection esque products.
Vinegar, let it soak in. Mix up a paste of napisan, apply over area. Throw in to regular wash, wallah.
New Posts  All Forums: