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 Thanks for sharing.  I still miss the 20% off coupon days though.
 Thanks for sharing, are the shoulders on the ones linked decent sized?
Great colour, that a vass or a CJ perhaps?
 What, the whole country can't shut down for a month?
 Thank you for the very detailed response, very appreciated. Like the others above if you get a chance to snap a pic with a tie on would be fantatic.
 Nice shirts mate, can I please have the details on the collar and the fabric on that blue  (left) shirt?
Lovely new LM burgundy brogue captoe available, unfortunately on the new rey last =/   http://www.meermin.es/ficha_articulo.php?id=4334
 pics or didn't happen
 Yes good advice, I think im going to get some suppression applied so will get the tailor to do that as well as last time I tried to access a simple stitched pocket on a jacket it ended badly, although I was in a rush, no I will leave it to the tailor.
 yes from a production point of view I guess that would be the easiest way when you think about it.  Good news thank you for confirming.
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