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Great to see the beta of the new site come around.  Most of this probably just echoes what's already been said but anyway   * Weight / Thickness /  Stiffness - I like the icon and approach you we're going for but I have no idea what the data presented means or what to make of it.  Just keep it simple, rating and description.  Don't under estimate the value of a description, even the very few words you write on the current site has been of value.   * Group shirt types...
Ah had the perfect opportunity to get a new bag as a present and you guys are out of stock >.
So from the price point I'm guessing Carlos is on par or better than meermin/loake 1880? Never owned jodhpurs before, are they just a good looking boot that's quick to get on? Maybe go with jeans as well?
Do you guys have a newsletter I can sign up for
That edios belted Cardigan is pretty sweet
damn, CYBERMONDAY is just like the thanksgiving one, looks like $600 min spend.   @Luxire, any chance of lowering the bar on the 15% off, have three shirts sitting in the cart just off the $300 min.
 Was looking at this too but could only find the olive on sale, wanted the Navy. EndClothing and Aprodite had similar sales in the lead up to our winter/start of it, so you shouldn't have any trouble picking one up at a later date for a similar price.
What's everyone kopped at the black Friday sales?
Sale prices were showing up for me and received the email about the sale this morning..
yeah Piccadilly in mahogany calf looked good, would have pulled the trigger but all sold out for my sizes.
New Posts  All Forums: