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Not sure why but I am surprised that, that particular collars works so well on the 2nd shirt style.
Nah our perception of how long it takes to get something from A > B in todays world of frequent international shipments is distorted by Australia post who take 5 days to get from Vic > NSW :p
 Thanks for clarifying.  What suit or jacket did you order?  Look forward to hearing how you find the fit.
Interesting, I have yet to lose any clothing to moths - touch wood...cedar wood that is - or even see them in a wardrobe, is this specific climates or is the discussion here a heavily cautionary tale rather than any indication of likelihood?
Informative write up Jase.   If you are taking requests any thoughts on how you match your pocket square with an outfit or what the conventions are with those?  Its one accessory I just cant get a handle on, aside from a white linen pocket square.
 Yep very true, worked out well though, back to purring like a kitten and handling better for all the work now so an unexpected withdrawal of funds but good result.  Great price for a nice jacket, saw it in store when it was still hovering at $400 can't go wrong for the price you got it.
how I had forgotten...car service + new tyres = where did my money go.
Nice ties Wurg, different seeing tie pics from you instead of shoes :) I recently got my first Sam Hober as well (thanks to a recommendation from Spandexter), interesting experience customising a tie.  Happy with their customer service, delivery and the end result but was good to see that despite being off the rack as such, HC ties are right up there with it in terms of quality and detail.
In convention and theory the answer would be no but in practise I think it depends on your location. Some places are more observant and have expectations like not wearing boots in a cbd setting in Australia, NZ and other places whilst it might be a styleforum no no, you could wear those without anyone thinking anything other than a nice pair of shoes.
Look at all that tie goodness!   Might not be the best posed pictures per se but the new digs look good
New Posts  All Forums: