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 Nice, its interesting that its 100% camel for the same price as the navy cashmere one of a similar style. Do you guys find suit supply jackets to be true to size or so you find the sizes noted on the web site to be more accurate? 
 Yeah they've had the plum ones for a few months now and the 2 brown ones were added 2 maybe 3? months ago
Yeah I agree I don't think all of them are funded, but I don't think its a bad thing and as you mention I've been going to their site more.   I think they invariably produce a lot of prototypes and shoes which aren't part of the regular product line and in the past these have historically been sold in their brick and mortar stores now they offer them online as a way to gauge demand, clear the stock quicker so they can move on to new styles.   I suspect getting into an...
got excited to see the museum calf make a reappearance on the MTO list but it has a brogued medallion, bah.
Unless meermin starts adding a disclaimer to their shoes stating that minor defects may occur in production and be apart of the end product then I think people can complain because the expectation is the shoes are cheaper because they aren't hand welted and might be more stiff and might not use the best leather, not because they can't sew straight or have rushed to finish a sole etc.   That being said these are shoes, short of paying Vass and above prices I don't think...
 Very true JM and I have an existing card that has a higher limit than I need/reach its not an issue with self control for ease just I try to keep my credit limits in check as available credit counts against you / slows down the process when you go for loans.  Its not even an issue I could transfer the main card or open the 28D and close the other its more I don't want to disturb the ecosystem at the moment - I was expecting to just add a small new card for OS shopping,...
 Yeah the limits slowly increased over time with the big jump coming when the card moved to being platinum, eg there doesn't appear to be a regular 28 degrees card now, its the platinum 28 degrees card
Ah weak all the credit cards that offer no currency conversion fees have big minimum limits eg 28 degrees and bankwest = $6000.  Don't really want another card with a high limit, last time I moved banks my main cc was a nightmare.    You win this round fees and charges, well played.
Got my copper suedes, very happy with the colour and the end product :)    Also ordered a pair of classic line dark brown suedes.  Comparing it to the copper or LM suede its softer and smoother to the touch so def a difference there, that all being said on your feet though they both just look like nice suede.
 I saw your earlier warning and thought that's a good point I should hurry up those purchases...yet here I am today looking to make them and it looks like im nearly $50 worse off from earlier in the week >.<
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