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Museum calf balmorals look pretty sweet.
the saying 'find a job you love and you'll never work a day in your life' - or iterations thereof - has been around for many generations so I don't think its really a new trend.  The overarching trend of todays employment market is the high turn-over which is in stark contrast to our fathers generations who it was not uncommon to work for the one company for decades on end.   We live long lives these days with just about every generation spending longer working, I...
 Not sure if these are any good but maybe an option  http://www.sportscraft.com.au/new-england-mac-9344961390284.html
 Not travelled enough to offer any thoughts but hope you have an awesome trip and if you pick up any good menswear swag post pics :)
 Likewise im overall very happy with how my sizing forays have gone, had to sell 2 pair of AE's on my first try but I got them on sale from amazon so wasn't too bad a blow.
Blindly ordering expensive shoes from overseas until you find your size is a right of passage here...or at least as I was lead to believe...
 Unlike TV Oud wood can definitely be worn in all weathers, great masculine scent.  Pretty low projection scent but if you do find it projects a lot with the heat just dial it back to a light walk in spray. In terms of summer scents if you aren't that experienced or not in a splits group where you can try a few i'd say Creed Aventus is your safe bet.  Good summer fragrance whose quality and scent stand out from the regular Amani and CK line up that every tom dick and harry...
Was that me?  Im in for NP, glad to hear its coming together :)   I must say drowning in work is a good way to save some money, lots of emails for sales last couple of weeks but just didn't have a chance or the energy to check them out.
Great pics lensboy thanks for sharing and wear in good health
 In terms of the GMTO on the website, from bits and pieces over the years it seems like pepe and the team were always creating and experimenting with new designs, leathers and doing small sample runs.  The big cartel website use to have a few of their samples, some became regular products but a lot didn't seem to and as has been commented on before and as you can see in pics of their physical store they have a lot more models in store than they do online...the GMTO just...
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