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Black shoes...
Here's my list, in very rough form: Code: - ???? Bomber jacket - FW07? FW06? FW05(Fur?)? - FW07 Classic Shirt - gray/black plaid - FW07 Binocular Shirt - cotton twill big plaid - SS09 Andover - navy plaid cotton (madras?) - SS09 Cinch Pant - navy plaid cotton (madras?) - FW09 Kendall jacket - brown corduroy - FW09 Mackinaw - nyco ripstop - FW09 Fanny Pack - brown tweed plaid - SS10 (?) Cambridge Pants - black chambray - SS10 Classic Shirt - diamond jacquard - SS11 Work...
With all the talk of long shirts in one of the other EG threads, I figured I'd throw this up here: FW14 Long Dayton, SS09 Andover/Cinch Pants Not the greatest photo, but I like the silhouette - I find the Dayton is pretty easy to wear as a shirt, with or without a layer over it.
Dries van Noten generally has derbies with commando soles of varying profiles - might be worth looking for that? I like my various pairs.
It's getting hot here, which as been... less than ideal for my very FW-heavy wardrobe.Needles tie-dye acrylic/cotton sweater, which is pretty greatPretty much the usual, w/ a neat jacquard baker jacket - not sure when it's from. [[SPOILER]]
Thanks - the pants all the one shade of reverse sateen, actually. I took the photo in a mirrored window, which I think explains the line. Damn good fabric, though!
another xpost from the EG thread:
This bedford is getting to be one of my favorite pieces, I think.- FW11 Bedford - khaki cotton corduroy- FW12 19th Century B.D. - green/red/royal oversized plaid- ???? USN Pant - olive reverse sateen- Birks, of course [[SPOILER]]
FW11 denim fatigues / FW12 19th C. BD / Birks FW13 Lafayette / Unknown season type 5 jacket and shawl / 3sixteen / Gravitypope Some looks from the last little while - my photos are... less than great.
This conversation has definitely happened somewhere here before... but yes, it's all woven strips of deer leather.
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