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DVN off Yoox - there's another pair in grey in 54 on sale there, and a pair in 46 on ebay, too (maybe - can't find them at the moment).
(In brown)
DVN cardigan arrived, will post proper fitpics when I've got the opportunity.
More Dries: [[SPOILER]]
Acne, AA, Damir Doma, Vans.
[[SPOILER]] Color is definitely best in the second spoilered photo.
To me, that seems like a strange way of looking at them - they don't seem particularly 'trendy' in my experience, and most people that I know wear them by default - they're cheap shoes that you can pretty much find anywhere.
They're great shoes, I've been looking for boots from the same season that I can afford for a while now.
I think maybe I'm bad at photos. Also, I swear I've got other clothes. [[SPOILER]] EG, Acne, Levi's, DVN.
Reborn in Montreal is closing, and they've got a lot of stuff that isn't on their website marked down a lot - Including a navy blue hoodcoat for $600 and a Devoa knit jacket for $400. Mostly larger sizes, it seemed like.
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