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@ManofKent is big in Japan
Well, since I sent you to this thread, I figure I should probably answer! If forced to choose, I think I'd have to say that my favorite single piece is my FW07 Kendall jacket - which is basically just a harrington. But it's in a really nice, wide-wale brown corduroy, with a herringbone plaid lining - it hits the sweet spot between luxurious and outdoorsy perfectly. It's super versatile, too - it works well in more EG-lookbook style looks, as well as being a nice, low-key...
If you post in here, you might get more responses! Now you've got me struggling to narrow down a shortlist of like 10 different things.
That's a tough act to follow, Gerry! Some ad-hoc photos: FW13 Wool/Cashmere Andover SS11 (probably) Floral 19th C. BD ???? Denim Fatigues Gravitypope's version of Paraboot Michaels - what's the generic name for this style of shoe?
Well, I don't think there'll be too much connection between Final Home and Yohji sizing - It's designed by Kosuke Tsumura, who (I think) used to design for/work with Issey Miyake.
All I know about ChronBong is I think he likes cocaine.
I don't know if 'trolled' is the right term, but it sure is something. @oucho is legit, though.
You're a model for Givenchy?
I picked up the wash blacked turtleneck sweatshirt, and it's probably become one of my favorite pieces? Super easy to wear, nice and flattering.
Seems familiar:
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