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First post in this thread, with a lot more to come, hopefully - SS14 Miner Shirt
'Intent' has been mentioned in this thread a couple of times, and I think that's what isn't working well for me about your latest fit. It doesn't really look like your intent matches what you ended up with. I'm not entirely sure what 'Street punk' means to you, but I'm not seeing it come through in the outfit. To my eyes, it just looks... normal? Like, it's a Gap outfit. It looks fine, but it doesn't look like anything - there's no intentionality.
No, I had to walk all the way to Montreal.
Muji / Acne / Public School / (Dries)
DVN, Acne, DVN, Sasquatchfabrix. Looking to switch out the shoes for something a bit sleeker, but I've only got a few pairs with me right now. [[SPOILER]]
DVN off Yoox - there's another pair in grey in 54 on sale there, and a pair in 46 on ebay, too (maybe - can't find them at the moment).
(In brown)
DVN cardigan arrived, will post proper fitpics when I've got the opportunity.
More Dries: [[SPOILER]]
Acne, AA, Damir Doma, Vans.
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