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Variations on a theme - EG, Oliver Peoples, and Russell Moccasin.
Itten, I think, but it should be listed on the page in the spoiler.
@falgfalg They're Russell Moccasin Short PH boots from Blue Button Shop - they're great. The 2060 sole is not exactly great on snow, though.
[[SPOILER]] Pretty much all EG, with the occasional Needles piece.
I have an older EG fanny pack that works pretty well - holds a water bottle + a few other small things/a shell/something like that. (not me, clearly)
Here's a better full photo:Someday I'll get around to taking decent photos of all the EG I've accumulated...
Some recent purchase which arrived just in time for a recent cold snap - namely, some Needles Outlast melange gloves, a FW10 chesterfield, and a FW16 knit tie. And the amazing upholstery on Calgary buses. The I could use some help figuring out the season of the olive blazer, too - it's a bedford with non-removable buttons in what I think is a heavy whipcord. I also picked up a FW13 Miner shirt, which is pretty nice.(With a SS11 CPO)
Black shoes...
Here's my list, in very rough form: Code: - ???? Bomber jacket - FW07? FW06? FW05(Fur?)? - FW07 Classic Shirt - gray/black plaid - FW07 Binocular Shirt - cotton twill big plaid - SS09 Andover - navy plaid cotton (madras?) - SS09 Cinch Pant - navy plaid cotton (madras?) - FW09 Kendall jacket - brown corduroy - FW09 Mackinaw - nyco ripstop - FW09 Fanny Pack - brown tweed plaid - SS10 (?) Cambridge Pants - black chambray - SS10 Classic Shirt - diamond jacquard - SS11 Work...
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