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Hey Vero, Happy Birthday. Hope you have a good one...and some good presents too Ignacio
I'll bite. thanks.
Anyone fly-fish, hunt or the like? Any stories you would like to share. I'm in NYC, and if you have a car and want to try it out, let me know.
so....about that meeting?
BUY Prada, Prada Sport, Miu Miu Sample Sale What: Men's and women's clothing, shoes, and accessories are up to 50 percent off wholesale. Why: Duh. (You fashion slave.) When: Thurs. & Fri. 9 a.m.-7 p.m. Where: Fuller Building, 41-45 E. 57th St., at Madison Ave., second flr. R.S.V.P. required: Some of you love it, some of you hate's the link
mine is ever changing...but here it is for now: 1) Milla Jovovich 2) Giselle Bundchen 3) Claire Forlani 4) Bridget Moynahan 5) Jennifer Connoly 6) Gwyneth Paltrow ...the rest just constantly changes so i'll leave it at 6
it's a dog eat dog world out telling you, we are beaing fleased... I AM ON A ROLL. how do you like them apple's quill?
i have to.... Am i to assume that most of you are not into doggie style YES. Im here every Thursday and Saturday, good night New York.
Are you saying that if i get polo shirt for my bulldog, the ladies will hound me???
Does it come with MOP buttons, and will the collar stay up?
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