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EDIT: Big drop.   I bought this a couple of months back thinking it would be my buy-of-the-year or something, but as it turns out it's just been sitting in the closet. Not sure why but it, sadly, doesn't work for me. It's Frank Leder so quality and fabrics are top-notch...Seriously. It's really, really nice. Amazing buttons, rich navy color and linen lining. I bought it BNWOT from Yahoo! Japan and I've only tried it on a couple of times at...
Oh, my bad! Not sure what would spoil though, it's a store bought juice with mint, lemon, lime (and preservatives)
Noted. I shall inform my taste buds.
Because it's easier, obviously.
Mint, lemon and lime! I've been mixing this with bourbon a lot lately...Refreshing!
      Good ol Frank
 Needs more trousers. As someone pointed out it's hard to find retailers for FL pants! Those cardigans look amazing though, I usually buy everything used-but-hardly-used from Japan but even a cheapo like me could consider paying full retail for those!
RANE - THE WOUNDS   Really funny movie about a couple of Belgrade thugs...reminds me a bit of "Black Cat White Cat"
 Yeah...the bottom half of my body remains my achilles heel
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