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      Good ol Frank
 Needs more trousers. As someone pointed out it's hard to find retailers for FL pants! Those cardigans look amazing though, I usually buy everything used-but-hardly-used from Japan but even a cheapo like me could consider paying full retail for those!
RANE - THE WOUNDS   http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0165546/   Really funny movie about a couple of Belgrade thugs...reminds me a bit of "Black Cat White Cat"
 Yeah...the bottom half of my body remains my achilles heel
'So let me get this straight...your last wish before your lethal injection is to post a fit pic on SF?' But seriously. That setting is creepy.
Did anyone else think of that old incest episode of X-files when you watched the finale?  
Good stuff.
From the swedish alcohol monopoly.
Blanton's straight from the barrel. First bourbon I've owned/drunk...I'll spare you any attempts at describing the taste (because I'm horrible at it), but it was delicious.
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