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 Nice. Sounds like summer. Not a fan of the shoes though.  What are the pants ?
Hello,   I'm looking for the selvedge denim from the AW13 collection. I need roughly 16" in the waist, stretched.   Shoot me a pm if you have them and want to sell or trade.   Thanks. 
And also they advise to size down from the other pants to account for stretching. I would agree with that if the measurements were the same as the other styles (standard jeans, etc..).  But the measurements for a given size are already smaller. So I don't get it...
Looking for a new stonewash denim. The medium stonewash from this winter was perfect for me but missed it. The one from SS14 seems darker. Is it because of the pics or it is actually darker ?
Alright, I agree with you. The thing is that I ordered the two suits. The jacket in 44 is spot on but pants are tight (the waist can be taken in, but I'm affraid I will have to alter the thighs too).
Has anybody ever tried to order the same suit online in two different sizes, returning them but swapping pants ?    Like ordering a 46 and a 44. Then send back the jacket in 46 with the pants in 44. Keeping the rest. 
What I'm wearing this week (I won't have the opportunity to take pics outside anytime soon).  I can split the post if necessary.   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]   [[SPOILER]]
 And temperature is going up (sorry for crappy pics, can't really do better inside with that green floor):  [[SPOILER]]
Both are really good. If you don't own any long coat you might add it to your wardrobe.
  Feel free to ask me questions !       Quilted Peacoat from FW09. Cotton Size 48 BNWT Dark color (almost black) but with blue and purple hues. Very Geller. And the pics don't show the actual color.    A lot of life left since it gets better with age.    
New Posts  All Forums: