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@conceptionist  Yes they're very good, last is also quite nice from top. Got them last winter (1 year ago) from thecorner. They were still available at totokaelo until recently (vitello derby)
Thanks all as usual! These ones (don't remember exact reference)   
@RXS09 Thanks!     @Dr Huh? It's the Charles
 Scarf LardiniDries Van NotenStephan SchneiderDries Van NotenAnn Demeulemeester   [[SPOILER]]     Acne StudiosStephan SchneiderJil SanderAnn Demeulemeester     [[SPOILER]]
 Robert GellerOur LegacyAcne StudiosAnn Demeulemeester  [[SPOILER]]
Thanks all! Our Legacy (punched jacket from last summer) Acne Studios (chet melange) Cos wool pants Doc mono
Cheers Fabric is really good, not ike sweatpants at all, it's a heavy twill in a substantial wool. From knee down there is a strong taper, although more room in the thigh. Close-up picture is misleading regarding the fit because of the angle. And the coat hides it a bit but they are significantly more roomy than the pants in yesterday's pic (+ bad lightning). Also because of the slight drop crotch and elastic waistband you can wear them lower of higher to accentuate how it...
Thanks! Harris Wharf. Thick and unlined, same fabric as belowSchneider, cotton flannel in off whiteAsymmetrical wool pants MarniDoc mono  [[SPOILER]]
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