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Anyone has already experienced the lining "bleeding" onto the socks? This is currently happening with the suede achilles that I have and I don't recall having this issue with the other achilles leather version (though they are not the same color).   As they are still brand new, will it stop after some time or I'm condamned to have funny stains?
Summer holiday fit.  [[SPOILER]]
Might not be the best place but I'm still giving it a try. Let's take a pair of slim pants that are close to the leg everywhere, then normally it should be close around the seat as well. Now if we're looking at a pair which is loose around the thigh with a strong taper from the knee down. What would be the effects on the overall fit if the seat remains "defined" vs also loose.What I mean by "defined" is not the pants hugging the butt roundly. As the thighs are still loose...
Thanks! @KPDarb That's what I thought too but as they don't have plain toe boots I wanted to check. Also the model I tried had the usual cork sole and heel pad. The ones I'm looking after are on a commando sole, but this shouldn't affect the overall fit.
If I am a 8US D in Trubalance for the Indy boots. Am I necessarily the same size for a pair of plain toe boots on the same last? Or even for a given last there are some variations depending on the "style" of shoes?
Sorry for the bad quality. Tropical wool pants and grain leather for the shoes.   [[SPOILER]]
Patirk Ervell FW14 Black lambskin suede cap   Perfect Condition   More photos soon
Item located in London, shipping wolrdwide included with tracking using priority service.   Alden 9D US New, only tried on! - Barrie Last - Commando Sole - Speed hooks - Horween Cordovan - Alden Box included - Dustbags included - Alden shoe trees included   - Perfect condition, both sole and uppers, no cuffs. only sign is the crease which is typical with cordovan and cannot be avoided. It happens with the first try on and doesn't change any further. This crease is...
I bought  a pair of AF60 from Alden of Carmel but I might want to get half a size down (these are a 9US B/D in barrie last, I wear a 8UK E in the C&J Grasmere last 325 for reference)   I tried them on a carpeted surface but the first crease appeared anyway. Do you think it's big enough not to be able to exchange them? Thanks!   Also side question but are the alden shoe trees one size fits all? I asked to get the shoe trees that matches the shoe size but I can't find...
New. Worn 2 times Come with dust bags IT42
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