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Any fitipic of the AW14 standard pants ?
Yes forgot to add them. I'm uploading better pics too.
Size 30 Deep navy, heavyweight version Brand new with tags FW12 collection     waist : 39-40 (cm)  length : 107cm  leg opening : 17/17.5cm
Size 31x32 Strong fabric Worn, accentuating the used effect already present when new.
Size 31x32   Strong fabric worn, accentuating the used effect already present when new.
A brand new pair with tags Deep navy, heavyweight version From FW12 Size 30
Question for those who own 'dry clean only'  Schneider shirts. I found the AW14 cotton flannel shirt in a brick&mortar store and the care tag says dry clean only.   For pants for example I find it normal and doesn't mind to do it since it's not very often. But for shirts, they are used to being washed on a regular basis and going to the dry cleaner's every week would be a pain in the ass.   So, have you guys tried to put them in the washing machine anyway? 
 Ahah thanks, I think you left just when I posted the pic. Do you plan to come back anytime soon or you really moved on?
Ah perfect thank you!
So which one is wider for example ?
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