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Regarding the different fits with shirting:    From what I own I would say that 1950's fit a little bit boxier than 1940's. But what about First Shirt, Six Shirt, Classic Shirt?   Maybe Six shirt > 1950 > 1940 > Classic > First Shirt 
^Thanks     And if I'm right, the only way to get them in dark brown is to buy from purdey or go MTO? 
Wow great. Super fast and very nice shoes!   So you confirm that this pic shows the actual color? 
How blue is the navy color from c&j, especially on the coniston?    There were some photos a few pages ago but it seems it was not under natural light. 
Alright thank you.   Personally I find the captoe boots and the lined ptb fit differently (both in 9D barrie last). The ptb being slightly less tight. It may be because there is no ankle support though. 
Do you recommend sizing down for unlined ptb ? in comparison to classic versions.
From SS14 collection    Our classic chino style pant. Straight leg with a slight taper toward the ankle. Waistband curtain on the interior, horn button closures and zip fly. Exterior label with removable overlock stitch at back. Constructed with up to 2" to let out or taken in in the seat or waistband to allow for easy tailoring. Shown here in a soft, relaxed and lightweight pre-washed cotton.
Nice. Is that the standard jeans or pants ?
Anyone pickup the standard jeans and  can comment on the fabric weight? In comparison with jeans from winter collection or with the standard pants this summer. Thanks
medium weight. substantial and not flimsy.    But be careful with the sizing. the 30 run really small in the waist (39cm) and 17.5cm for the leg opening. 
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