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  Feel free to ask me questions !       Quilted Peacoat from FW09. Cotton Size 48 BNWT Dark color (almost black) but with blue and purple hues. Very Geller. And the pics don't show the actual color.    A lot of life left since it gets better with age.    
    Feel free to ask me questions !       Great construction and quality. Good condition 8/10. Navy Suede and purple leather trims. Size 8 Lanvin         
Great article NAMOR ! Pertinent information.   Like for shoes, do you also wait a day or two before wearing again the same - wool - sweater? 
Drop to 250eur.
Linen sleeves medium weight cotton body  Worn around 5-6 times so basically new. Shipped with tags
Also, what kind of shoe laces are used on the classic 990s ? (round brown ?)   They are these ? https://www.aldenshop.com/Store/DrawProducts.aspx?CategoryID=150&ParentID=2&PageID=&Action=   thanks
Usually I'm between S and M.   I wear an M in this season Stark. What size should I take for the fisherman crewneck ?   Plus, Does it stretch over time ? Since the stark doesn't, unlike most of wool knitwear... (but maybe  because of the unusual weave)
Hey folks,    I wear a 9D captoe boots on the barrie last. They fit me great. However when the laces are not tied using the hooks (so just using the bottom holes), I feel like my heels could slip.   Of course nobody wears his boots like this but I tried this to imagine how a ptb would fit since I plan to purchase the 990.    So, Do you think I should take another width size for the ptb like 9C or the shoes in 9D will likely fit me (still barrie last) ?
It is, but keep in mind the season as the sizing of these blazers isn't really consistent. For SS13 a 40 fits like a 46-48.   Anyway I think it's best to compare with the measurements provided.
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