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Brand New   Size 30   Olive
Really? I find the selection shy and not very diversified
Anyone knows where the bomber (the one available in black and khali in the lookbook) will most likely be available?
Yes sure! I should decide within a couple of days, will let you know. Thanks for the pic. Pants looser through the top block and it wouldn't be too oversized in my opinion. It looks quite long. May I ask your height?
I don't know which size the model is wearing but if the fit is like this then I don't find it really overdized, just enough to be called so. I can find one in 46 and I'm between s (shirts) and m(t-shirt)
 That's too bad..I like this kind of pocket version, the one below. Not fan of the flecking though  at the time it was out never had a chance to touch and see it in person but what do you think about this sweater? 
By the way is there a zipper blazer this season?
Dust bags and Alden box included Alden shoe trees can be included
Realized I posted in the old thread Anyone has already experienced the lining "bleeding" onto the socks? This is currently happening with the suede achilles that I have and I don't recall having this issue with the other achilles leather version (though they are not the same color). As they are still brand new, will it stop after some time or I'm condamned to have funny stains?
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