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You need more structured shoes to balance your heavy top body. t-shirt longer will be better as well, with crew neck. Don't get influenced by this forum where guidis etc.. are grails.   For the pants they seem fine but angled pics don't show everything.   Regarding the triple shirt, pictures really don't do justice to this piece it's really good irl.
nice @hennree
post a fitpic please, or at least quality pics of the item, fabric etc :)
Regarding the shirt Ron in Onyx available at neighbour. I can't really say but is the textile like denim?
Common Projects Achilles   Material: Suede Color: Vintage Black Size: 42   Box ans spare laces included   Like new, worn only 3-4 times and not for long walks. No defects.
Yes could go with a richard from geller. But the one from this winter looks a bit too brown to me. don't have the opportunity to see it irl either.  Have you seen it in person?
had to use Mr. P pics as I can't find any other ones.   I'm looking for an unstructured jacket, winter version. Thanks to those who know roughly what I wear and could give their opinion accordingly. For info I'm also looking at lemaire or peir wu jackets;   Casely Hayford, felted ribbed wool, made in Japan. There is no lining or padding.    
Ok so if you say 44 in CP achilles are too snug I imagine that foot wise you're more on the wider side.   For chelsea boots, regardless of the brand, I've always taken lower sizes than what I am. Because of the shape of the toe and construction there is no part than can really "block" your foot imo.   I assume I'm a (small?) 42.5, 8.5UK so that I can go down to a 42 for shoes vs sneakers especially since my preferences go to rounder, wider shapes.   42 in CPs...
Thanks! good to know some stock will arrive. I'm not in the us so japan or the states doesn't really matter but even from the japanese stockists I can't find them. The only place where I saw the brick bomber (that I'm looking for in black) was seven store
Your normal true size is 45?
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