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Ganryu Comme des Garçons Qlomaire Stephan Schneider Custom trousers Stan smith .
Depends on the blend, some mohair/alpaca are not fuzzy because mixed with other fabrics or the yarn is woven differently. And also fuzzy doesn't necessarily imply shedding.
Should I pull the trigger on this silk shirt?    
Not super interesting, just to test the new shirt I received from Peir Wu (dry navy wool)  
How is the fit on this shirt? Wondering if I should go with a 46 or 48. Never had or tried Geller shirts.
They are the Celtis from AW14
 Thanks!Yes these are black plain toe boots (trubalance last) on commando sole. Model is from alden of carmel.    I take this as a compliment!
A shirt that should be ironed   A failed attempt to show the pattern. On the back of the leg grey threads are used to create a slight change in shade.         Margiela J.W. Anderson Stephan Schneider Alden
Thanks! It's from aw14 but it's still available on the webstore.
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