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 just fyi, I'm a 48 (eu) and took a 42 for the SS13 version
 Indeed. I do prefer my captoe boots with the dark trim too. I think it's better match with the kind of "military" aesthetics (black and commando soles). Was actually talking about bluchers in dark shades, so basically black shell or #8.
yea there are many possible combinations. I guess that for unlined versions the style number is different too?   Anyway what guys do you prefer between the classic look - dark trim with a dark color such as #8 - and the new trend with the antique trim? 
I meant buying from a shop who ordered shoes with special specifications (like alden for Leffot, the bureau, Jcrew, epaulet, etc..).   And yes it may be just an antique edge trim.
The usual ptb in #8 is the 990 style (second pic). But the model made for Thebureau seems to have different soles. Is it possible to get those without an MTO ?  
Shouldn't have waited!    I haven't seen them anywhere else btw. Any other stockists have them ? Only the dark grey version...  
I did. Just waiting for his reply now.    I'm not sure they will restock them in IV though.
Thanks a lot!   Do you also have them for the dust cotton in size IV ?
Has anyone got the measurements for the 'ends trousers' - cotton (canvas or gabardine like version) ?
Items located in France.   Shipping costs not included.   Can ship worldwide / please PM me to get quotes   Feel free to ask me questions !   a pair of oxfords bought few years ago (maybe 5 or 6) but not worn much   A lot of life left ! size 43.5eur (can also fit a 43) Blake construction Dustbag and spare laces included   Just because I don't wear them, I let them go for 130e !  
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