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Are the standard jeans in navy arriving? Or no navy for this season?
Floral print isn't really visible so I might provide another pic soon.  
Thanks Feji. -What about the length? The measurement provided seems off compared to how it looks on the model   - What about the weight, is it the same as winter models? 
Anyone has tried this one? What do you think ? I'm looking for a simple grey sweatshirt with a darker tone.  Never handled any "seconds" line products. 
Nice. All what you bought will be available tomorrow?
Grasmere. Hope they won't stretch too much. it's a 8UK (8.5UK/9.5US usually). Tried them in 7.5UK but they were too tight (maybe they could have stretched out enough eventually).    8UK are perfect now, that's why I'm afraid they may become a bit too big (I'm used to wearing shoes tighter than some people). Do you have any experience with that grain leather?  
 Regarding AW14 coats, how many items per model (and per size) did you buy roughly?  And when do you expect the AW14 outerwear delivery? The information may have already been posted but I don't really follow this thread.  Thanks!
Do you know what the number written on the insole stands for ? i have a pair of grasmere in 8uk E, but a 85 written on the insole (8 on a line, 5 on another line, so 85 "vertically")Another pair in 7.5UK E had only the number 75 horizontally, though.Thanks Edit : 8 for the size. 5 for the width (E=5, G=7 etc..)And for the pair in 7.5 perhaps it was from an older collection where the width wasn't specified. #2 If I'm right, the standard (not the dark brown lasted ones) C&J...
When did they changed the waist sizing for the standard jeans ? Is it from FW12 (a tagged 30 was 30" in the waist if I recall correctly) to FW13 (where a 30 is actually a 32"?)   Thanks !
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