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Another one to close this Easter break (I don't want to monopolize the thread)       Stephan Schneider Acne Studios (Ryder trousers) Stan Smith
Don't think I ever posted in this section. Surely it is not my "chosen field", and these are just work fits so kind of boring in comparison to what some can do.        [[SPOILER]]
Margiela Muji Ervell AnnD     Bonus: this was part of a mini challenge among friends. I don't think I would tuck the t-shirt in like that on a daily basis.   Magiela Acne Studios Raf AnnD
Brand new   size Small   Fabric is one of a kind    
How is the fit on the washed dress pants? I'm a true 46 http://www.maasandstacks.com/collections/all/products/robert-geller-washed-dress-pant-black   Also can't see how it is "washed", seems like a regular black if I trust the pics from m&s and workingtitle
They did, but mainly in Japan
Yes and it's the only stockist within the uk, which is a bit sad for a brand based in London (she will relocate to NY though if plans haven't changed)
Ganryu Comme des Garçons Qlomaire Stephan Schneider Custom trousers Stan smith .
Depends on the blend, some mohair/alpaca are not fuzzy because mixed with other fabrics or the yarn is woven differently. And also fuzzy doesn't necessarily imply shedding.
Should I pull the trigger on this silk shirt?    
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