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did some of you receive a bill/confirmaion from cruvoir after ordering something for the preorders? Went smooth and then no reply at all, and I think the deadline is quite soon. Maybe they wait the deadline to send everyone the invoice.
Was talking about "classic" shirts in particular, but yes summer is not only light and smooth fabric
@Benesyed On that pic I can't really see the transparent effect. But anyway I don't trust pics. The lightning can make a shirt look quite opaque and vice versa. What drives that is mostly the thickness of the fabric anyway that's why I asked. I don't expect it to be heavy, just not very light like schneider's SS collection. If someone could confirm
Alright thanks! When you say lightweight do you means summer lightweight, almost sheer? (which is quite usual with white poplin shirt) That's fine benesyed
Thanks Benesyed. And do you know if the botancal white shirt is rather medium weight or light weight? (also is it poplin, twill, flannel, other?) Thanks again
Hey guys, Just a late question but do you know how the AW14 "botanical" shirt fits (white in cotton) compared to the "garden" (cotton flannel)?   I'm asking because I wear a size IV in the garden but for the model "eau" from this SS15 I'm a V for example.    Many thanks!
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In cold winter it may be too "thin" though I've got a lot of winter weight tees. Otherwise I'll just add a sweater.  But visually speaking, I don't feel the need to add some layers. The rest of the outfit is kept simple/minimalist so there is no imbalance. But I get your point.
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Thanks! It's the AF60 on the website.
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