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thanks @conceptual 4est, Just need one t-shirt and was looking at these two brands for convenience.
Sunspel vs James Perse for summer t-shirts? Quality wise
Pretty sure it would look even better with a proper pic. Is it the mmm with khaki sole? Would you have a better close-up?
Is there a model currently available similar to this one?       Basically a black robert blucher on a crepe sole (I prefer blind eyelets). If it's a derby it's fine as well.
Interesting, what makes you say so? Is it because of an industry standard?
So it's all about the type of dye used (surface dye or bonding dye). Let's hope it's not a surface dye used on the bum bag.
Thanks for the precisions @LA Guy That's what I had in mind for the indigo dye.   If it were a black poplin bag for instance, it would be unlikely to have some color bleeding (at least not in the same proportions as with raw denim).   What makes it different here is because it's a denim textile, and as such the dye can either be "regular" (same as the one used on t-shirt, sweatshirt, cotton trousers, etc..) or "jeans" specific (which means possible bleeding). Is this...
To me what makes blue denim (denim as in jeans not the textile per se) fade is the indigo dye that doesn't chemically bond to the cotton fiber. But some black denim fade as well, Is it because for these jeans a specific black dye is used and don't bond to the cotton either?   Does the textile (denim, twill, etc..) have an impact on the colour fastness?   Reason why I'm asking is because I'm interested in this bum bag which is made of cotton denim. Want to be sure the...
@Guy Burgess Nice one, are the pants and shirt black?    
You wake up early for a Sunday
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