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Regarding grailed and the "buy it now" option as a seller:   If a buyer decides to pay but forgets about the additional shipping costs (intentionally or not), I then have to refund him and incur the loss of the paypal fixed fee (30p) + ask the grailed team to refund the grailed commision and wait for a few days. Am I correct? It's quite annoying especially since it's the buyer who is responsible for the hassle.   One solution would be to have the option to accept or...
^I really should take time to visit England!        
@Severisth   As you stated AnnD is good for what you're looking for (yang li, raf as well)   you can also look at shoemakers. The grasmere from c&j could fill the bill.
It made me remember a discussion about the "total look"http://www.independent.co.uk/life-style/fashion/news/fashion-from-belgium-but-far-from-boring-roger-tredre-profiles-four-antwerp-designers-who-are-1530785.html
Is the dominik coat still avail somewhere? (black or grey, 46 or 48 if fits smaller)
 Thanks!Yes when I said 46 I didn't mean "46 because this is what I usually take" but 46 because I tried the same pants in a different color in 46 and they were good.
 Thanks for the heads up. I found the black I was looking for at a Japanese store.Yes texture is really nice (had the chance to see them irl). By the way regarding the pair you got from japan I noticed a special japanese care tag, does it mean it's a garment only produced for this market, or it's just an additional tag?Is the sizing still the same or the scale is shifted? I was planning to order a size 46 from the store in Japan (which is what I would have taken if avail...
That would be awesome, thanks! The fabric used is this one (displayed in navy here)
x-post   Maybe not the right topic but I'm looking for a very specific item from dries from SS16 It's a pair of trousers Cut: peeler Fabric code: 1345 (black) And in size 46   Any idea which shop could have it? Open to anywhere in the world (tried already flagship stores in Paris and Antwerp, + some online places)
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