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Does anyone know the differences in fit between the garden and botanical shirts?
Alright thanks! And do you know when the navy standard jeans are coming as well as caps?
  I ordered the medium stonewash. Can't find the tag anymore but I'm pretty sure it was written something like 'new classic medium etc..' From SS14 btw!
Is it possible/is there a means to know which version of selvedge denim I got ?   The color is in between the light and medium stonewash if I compare with stock pictures.
Are the standard jeans in navy arriving? Or no navy for this season?
Floral print isn't really visible so I might provide another pic soon.  
Thanks Feji. -What about the length? The measurement provided seems off compared to how it looks on the model   - What about the weight, is it the same as winter models? 
Anyone has tried this one? What do you think ? I'm looking for a simple grey sweatshirt with a darker tone.  Never handled any "seconds" line products. 
Nice. All what you bought will be available tomorrow?
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