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Thanks Benesyed   I am usually a consistent size 4 in his pants. The store precises "relaxed fit" and the model wears a size 3. Did you size down?   Also where did you cop this blend?
has anyone handled these pants?   It's cotton. Seems quite to be a light cotton whereas I would prefer a winter-weight pair.       http://www.wrongweather.net/shop/product/stephan-schneider-shadow-crosswood-trousers
cool parka, any ref?
I agree
Anyone has experience with yoox 8 brand? Can't even find a website, maybe it's only available at Yoox.   Looking for these suits specifically (navy and charcoal flannels)  
 Thanks. I haven't owned the watch for that long so I guess the watch had been kept in a safe with minimal wear. Hopefully I changed that!
Sub is 14 years old, speedy is roughly 1-2 years old.I will probably add an aqua terra mid size 38.5 in black dial. And yes this is done on purpose even though I've got already "similar" watches/configurations. [[SPOILER]]     
If anyone is willing to sell his black moto pants to fit a 30 and a blazer (winter weight, black, grey, plum, etc...) to fit a 46-48; Let me know!
A pair of Yamada moto pants in black from peir wu, wool version
A jacket from peir wu in a dark color (black, grey, plum) and winter weight
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