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It's been a long time!   Static pose:               Acne Studios Dries Van Noten Dries Van Noten Ann Demeulemeester
That's cool!
If anyone is interested in the Y4 sweater in copper (size 4) I'm willing to let it go for 145gbp shipped to anywhere. It's new and never worn.    
 Current one (let's say from 2010).
Just following up in case someone knows, thanks!
Is there any difference in thickness between a Margiela 5zip (permanent collection in black calf) from AW vs SS?   AW would have a "2" next to the year on the care tag vs a "1" for the SS
if it's full cotton you can wash them in the machine, gentle cycle 30 degrees (C) without worrying about the texture or excessive shrinking (even though it says dry clean only on the care tag) 
Is the Thinner in "navy reverse" from styleforum preorders a custom order only? Or is this color going to be available in stores?   I'm only seeing the regular navy at the moment.
Possibly looking for the Thinner in the same color proposed in sf pre-orders, which was a 100% wool in a navy/blue with some marbled effect (?) as opposed to the basketweave jersey fabric. Would it be this one?
Summer outfit so kind of simple
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