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@the shah and @ghostface it's really good     Patrik Ervell Our Legacy Robert Geller Dries Van Noten C&J       Acne Geller Jil Sander Rick Owens
No full pic today. Thought it was interesting to show this bomber. Basically it is a black over-dyed bomber with black flowers pattern underneath. And the pattern gets revealed with wear.        Our Legacy Engineered Garments
      [[SPOILER]]  Trooper nonnativeSweater Our LegacyPants Ann DemeulemeesterDerby Ann Demeulemeester
Perfect condition Size 4 Thick wool flannel Quite rare (never seen it in classifieds) If you want a substantial grey wool pants, This is it.
Yes this is the sweater. Arms are tight where there is the color gradient. It is part of the design. For the sizing, I usually wear pants from ss. The only other sweater I have is the sisian and in size 4. Here it is a size 5 which I think is one size up
Standard jeans!
Schneider trousers for sale Thick wool flannel (winter weight) Great fabric (the second pic barely shows the subtle pattern) Size 4 New condition    
Nope it is the black with grey threads only on one side of each leg. Hard to explain.  It was from this winter
First one is Ann d Second is Schneider Last is Ervell :)
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