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it is precised in the description, so it seems it's just the way they took the pic
It looks more like a pre sale rather than a true pre order where it gets produced after orders are placed. It is just a means to make the customer wait with less hassle. They clearly had some delay with the production though.   The thornproof coat in ardoise looks quite good
Thanks! You confirm the last is slightly wider right?
Sorry for the sizing question that might have been asked and replied already but if I'm a UK8 (E) in the grasmere (last 325) and arden (last 341). Should I possibly consider sizing down half a size for the connaught (last 236)?    The other two pairs are fine re the width  and I prefer wearing my shoes rather snug (in the acceptable limit). Thanks!
They have been experiencing delays with the factory. first drop should be here within a couple of weeks
You need more structured shoes to balance your heavy top body. t-shirt longer will be better as well, with crew neck. Don't get influenced by this forum where guidis etc.. are grails.   For the pants they seem fine but angled pics don't show everything.   Regarding the triple shirt, pictures really don't do justice to this piece it's really good irl.
nice @hennree
post a fitpic please, or at least quality pics of the item, fabric etc :)
Regarding the shirt Ron in Onyx available at neighbour. I can't really say but is the textile like denim?
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