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Sorry for the bad quality. Tropical wool pants and grain leather for the shoes.   [[SPOILER]]
Patirk Ervell FW14 Black lambskin suede cap   Perfect Condition   More photos soon
Alden 9D US   - Barrie Last - Commando Sole - Speed hooks - Horween Cordovan - Alden Box included - Dustbags included - Alden shoe trees included - Perfect condition, both sole and uppers, no cuffs. only sign is the crease which is typical with cordovan anc cannot be avoided. It happens with the first wear/try on and doesn't change any further. This crease is more like a wave unlike calf
I bought  a pair of AF60 from Alden of Carmel but I might want to get half a size down (these are a 9US B/D in barrie last, I wear a 8UK E in the C&J Grasmere last 325 for reference)   I tried them on a carpeted surface but the first crease appeared anyway. Do you think it's big enough not to be able to exchange them? Thanks!   Also side question but are the alden shoe trees one size fits all? I asked to get the shoe trees that matches the shoe size but I can't find...
New. Worn 2 times Come with dust bags IT42
Shipping to Europe and US/Canada included       Gitman Vintage blue oxford - S (brand new)
Just noticed that on some of my shirts (not wool, cotton or cotton flannel ) it is said "handwash".   Do you think I can try the washing machine (delicate programme and cold) without concern or It could cause damage / lead to unusual shrinkage?
Iconic M-65 from nonnative Condition 10/10 Size 2 (S/M) Color: Olive
Any idea on where I could find the taped parka but in this color? Japan shops I guess but can't find them  
Any input for the sizing of the coach jacket? I am only used to the bottoms.   I have a standard t-shirt from this SS15 in M. Should I go with the M as well or size down?   Thanks!
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