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Nice. Is that the standard jeans or pants ?
Anyone pickup the standard jeans and  can comment on the fabric weight? In comparison with jeans from winter collection or with the standard pants this summer. Thanks
medium weight. substantial and not flimsy.    But be careful with the sizing. the 30 run really small in the waist (39cm) and 17.5cm for the leg opening. 
ok I see your post. Still smaller than the updated measurements. I'm mostly worried about the thigh width actually.
alright thanks !  would it be possible for you to provide some measurements ? (maybe referring to a specific method like this http://blueingreensoho.com/site/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=30&Itemid=)      That would be really great as measurements from the website don't seem very accurate.
Anyone to chime in with the standard jeans sizing    I got the AW13 in 30 which fit me well (the olive cotton/wool version though, doesn't know if sizing is different with 100% cotton versions)    what about the ones from SS14 ? do I need a 32? Many thanks
I'm looking for clip-on sunglasses like these (from Garrett leight) but would like to know the other brands that make some (quality brands). Alsois the quality good with the garrett leight ones ? Except he is the oliver peoples founder's son, I don't have any feedback.    Thanks   
Nothing is confirmed about the "new sizing" yet...
 Nice. Sounds like summer. Not a fan of the shoes though.  What are the pants ?
Hello,   I'm looking for the selvedge denim from the AW13 collection. I need roughly 16" in the waist, stretched.   Shoot me a pm if you have them and want to sell or trade.   Thanks. 
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