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The iconic Alden pair of shoes in color 8. Only worn to take some pictures, these are like new.
        First pant is grey rather black. Actually with some slight reddish speckles.
does someone know the sizing on this one?   http://www.ln-cc.com/invt/ric0117003blk   48 in 5zips if that can help.
Very nice fabric. Soft and thick It's a size IV. I'm a usually a small/46/38 in shirts. Pretty regular sizing. And yes it's the model from this season.
Thanks, added in the description!
  Ervell Schneider Ervell Alden
I don't pass here often but there are some great fits in the past few pages!   Pic appears small, dunno why. Right click to see the whole image then. very dark navy anthacite dark grey black (leather)
Alrigth that's what I thought but still don't know about the low ramones.
Hey thanks for the reply.  Are you talking about the high versions or the low ones?
Has anyone bought the shirt jacket from this season? I'm interested in a feedback for dark grey version, fit and lenght wise. Thanks!.      I purchased he suede cap from this season a month ago, and the more I wear it the more I like it. Nice piece. leather is quality and I like the smaller front panel.        
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