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That's a great picture! What's Kyle's jacket?
On mobile so hard to load all the pictures but from what I saw some long coats look pretty nice, esp the floral one. And also bear in mind that this is just a runway show, can't base our opinion only on that (overall not my fav though, same with ss17)
What about SS17 deliveries?
Best trousers ever are the Patrini for me (I take one size up). Peeler are good too (tts)
All the structured jackets/coats from dries run a bit small in the shoulders (in my experience).
 Why do you need to know what's happening?
Can't find a pair in full black suede or leather and gum sole (the usual black ones have dark grey suede inserts), yet I know they have been edited in the past. Just saw those and was wondering if removing the paint was an option and whether someone had already tried it.
good advice.
 I don't know if the deal with HN will continue for the next collections (the exclusivity part at least since they will indeed stock SS17)
In London if I'm not mistaken she has got an exclusivity contract with Harvey Nichols for a couple of seasons (I guess it started last SS16 collection). Also last time we met we had a lenghty chat about her vision and how she came to this kind of aesthetics (and why she chose men over women design). Very interesting. She also mentioned the issues related to setting up a business (as a company) and complying with all the regulations in the UK/Europe. As a result she was...
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