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Made in France 100% wool Vitale Barberis Canonico Anthracite = dark grey Size 36R/46IT Good condition
I've got a size 4 for the players trousers (neighbour black wool version http://www.shopneighbour.com/products/stephanschneider-trousers-players-black).   If someone wishes to exhange it for a size 3, send me a pm
Nice Pic.   Which color is that for the Score (if it is actually the Score)
Got the sebastian bomber charcoal in 46. Could wear the 48 as well.   What size would you recommend for the richard blazr, 48 or 50? Also is it an unstructured (knit) blazer or a real cardigan?
Sorry for the boring sizing question but how does the beuys blazer from AW14 fit? I mean does it require to size up or down? I know peir wu tends to fit on the bigger side.
I have three pairs of Ann D   1 pair of white suede sneakers 1 pair of commando sole derby 1 pair of side zip boots   None are glued but stiched, the construction is pretty good as well as the leather used. Very good quality for me. Far far from margiela (where some good pairs are still produced among the full collection)   One thing also regarding Ann D is that the shoes are all produced in Italy in a small factory exclusive to the brand (at least the case a few...
Ok thanks.   Actually I was initially looking for the "players" and I think I will stick to that, ideally the shopneighbour version so in black (not "dark" which is a dark grey) and wool (not cotton or ribbed knit) in size 4   If there is a link online it would be really great. Or if someone decided against and wants to sell it back...
Thanks Benesyed   I am usually a consistent size 4 in his pants. The store precises "relaxed fit" and the model wears a size 3. Did you size down?   Also where did you cop this blend?
has anyone handled these pants?   It's cotton. Seems quite to be a light cotton whereas I would prefer a winter-weight pair.       http://www.wrongweather.net/shop/product/stephan-schneider-shadow-crosswood-trousers
cool parka, any ref?
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