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Thanks @Liszt  Thanks "Normale" ahah.  Very nice fit again. With my sweater so even better  
^Nice interview     I know there are some differences between the high drkshdw ramones and the mainline ones (the latter fit a bit bigger, number of eyelets 8 vs 7, larger captoe etc..).     So then for the low version, are they different too ? Which ones are more bulbous if any?   Thanks!
@Lollie  Yes you're right. The sizing is TTS, on the slimmer side. For information I'm between a S and M depending on the items (usually M for tees, S for shirts, and S/M for outerwear). This is a Medium. 
Classic one.Was initially meant to show only the coat (the tag is still attached ahah). So quite "plain" outfit. I will try some pieces a bit more funky to play around though.Poor light so coat+cap navy and rest is black.  Acne Our Legacy Stephan Schneider CP
I know it's sometimes difficult to find a good spot to take some photos.  But bad composition can ruin any good fit irl. So hard to give one's opinion here.   Well colors seem ok. I'd prefer if the texture between the pants and bomber was different though (I guess it's the case). Your tucking is a bit too obvious. Not really smooth.   Would need to see a "flat" view too to see how the different lengths (jacket, tee) match.      Just giving my opinion!
 Try to take a full length pic and to put the camera no lower than the waist. Proportions will be more accurate. From what I can see, with this particular pic, it is indeed a bit too short. But I like longer tops so I'm not totally objective here.
nice bathroom
Any fitipic of the AW14 standard pants ?
Yes forgot to add them. I'm uploading better pics too.
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