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Standard jeans!
Schneider trousers for sale Thick wool flannel (winter weight) Great fabric (the second pic barely shows the subtle pattern) Size 4 New condition    
Nope it is the black with grey threads only on one side of each leg. Hard to explain.  It was from this winter
First one is Ann d Second is Schneider Last is Ervell :)
I know I will get the order eventually. I ordered a lot these past 2 years and it was always smooth. But recently, confirmed by the feedback here, there has been a decrease in efficiency but no explanations are given.
Ordered on 27th Feb, still haven't received any confirmation despite my follow-up. Waiting a refund from beginning of Feb, still nothing after many discussions (only one reply when I started to change my tone). In which world are they living? Never heard of a selling company refusing to sell. Oh yes there are the ones which sell products, take the money but never send anything. But this is a Scam.
Hey thanks for the link. melonadejello Already sent me the link via PM, but I would need a size 57 I think. 
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