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Underexposed pic as usual (details not very visible) but better than nothing       Margiela Acne Studios Stephan Schneider Dries Van Noten Raf Simons Alden (new, with commando sole)    
You have the store in the link. Store id is 9499, that's indeed Atelier NY
Has anyone ever come across the YEOVIL model? Is it an old discontinued one perhaps?
A fellow londoner. Fabric is good indeed, less attracted by the print.
Cool thanks @Benesyed. It's a bummer that's for FW17 though, would have been happy to get it for this summer. 
That's a great picture! What's Kyle's jacket?
On mobile so hard to load all the pictures but from what I saw some long coats look pretty nice, esp the floral one. And also bear in mind that this is just a runway show, can't base our opinion only on that (overall not my fav though, same with ss17)
What about SS17 deliveries?
Best trousers ever are the Patrini for me (I take one size up). Peeler are good too (tts)
All the structured jackets/coats from dries run a bit small in the shoulders (in my experience).
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