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those look great especially with those pants!
I have a pair of new Viberg x Styleforum Waxed Flesh Boot size 9.0 which sold for $730.  I tried them on, wore them a couple of times around the house etc.  They are basically brand new.   More details on this make up can be found here:    http://www.styleforum.net/t/376782/viberg-for-styleforummarket-makeup-wax-flesh-service-boot Some details Boon docker 2045 Last Commando Sole 7 Brass Eyelets White Thread Natural Midsole Unstructured Toe Pull tab (loop) Wax...
hmmm... been on the fence with the LBM 1911 Navy Glen Plaid.  anyone have some "real world" pics?
I've been on Arcteryx's program for 5+ years, but never was given discounted access to their Veilance line.... which makes sense since I mostly needed their technical gear.  In any case, never got to handle their AV component shirt so I can't speak to the piece your looking at.   I definitely like their technical stuff... on par with some of the best gear out there!!  
Ah.... sorry I missed that post.  I saw a ton of posts about the FF stuff :).  Thx
so.... I am getting the "itch" to add another vintage piece to my collection.... IWC 2403 circa 1971  It looks like there was one up on ebay a couple of months ago that when for ~$900 including shipping.  Has anyone seen another one for sale or perhaps have a dealer friend that might be able to track one down?  I know its nothing "special", but I am kind of drawn to the simplicity of it.... :)
Just curious if there were any more updates on the EPLA Sportcoat?
I know it's Summer, but I gotta clear out the closet before next Winter arrives.  Anyhow, this is one of Patagonia's lightest, most technical down jackets.  Super warm.  I work in the outdoor industry and figured I could pass on my savings to someone else.  This jacket currently retails for $350.  The one I am selling is almost new.  Wore it 2-3 times and that's it.  I have the original tags and all.
I picked these up directly from Epaulet last summer.  They are a waist 32 and were hemmed to 30.5" by my tailor.  I then lost a bunch of weight.... so these have been sitting in my closet.  Worn literally 5-6 times.  They are in great shape, no stains, odors, rips or anything.  Smoke free home.  I paid $150.... just looking to hopefully recoup some of my $$$.
In great shape and worn perhaps 15 times.  Never been soaked or washed and just beginning to break in nicely.  I think they are currently out of stock at the moment.  In any case, I am going to let this one go.   Anyhow, from Rogue Territory's description:   Product Description - Our modern interpretation of the classic denim jacket - 4 pockets / interior pockets clean finished with white bias tape - Placket and interior pocket cut on selvedge - Front welt pockets -...
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