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Ya, basically thats what i did, but there was a fair amount of it still left in liquid form, and i had to wipe that off, before it dried again.   This is how it looked during the blow drying process:   End result:
Thanks Crane, thats what i was thinking, it never drinks ALL the snoseal it seems.   So far this is how its looking.  
Thats odd, im a 11.5-12 normally and the 12s were perfect for me, maybe i just have high archs and wide feet.   Anyways, i was putting it off and finally started to sno seal the W1ks, i looked at cranes method.  Not sure if i goofed, but i didnt heat the sno seal first, just rubbed it on to the boot, put a fair amount on the seams.   And then the pain started, i swear i was using the blow dryer on them for a good hr.  It was soaking some of it, but not all, and...
I also had the same issue with you. I had to get the 12D as any size lower was too tight. From what I saw, the only other size that's available are the EEE, and I think those will be too wide for me. But as you want to put an insole in, your might want to try them.
So i got a chance to wear my W1k out tonight.  I put the cream on the sole and got it all prepped.   One concern i have is that, the stitching on the bottom of the sole.  I noticed on the left boot, the front part is already getting a little frayed.  I am not sure why they stitching on these boots isn't indented.   Anyone else have this issue ? and what can i do to prevent it ?
I agree, its a nice kit.  Im just not sure its on par for a Canadian fall/winter weather.   So ill try to grab some filson oil, i recall you mentioning that Mink oil isnt good, as thats what the sales person was telling me to put on them.  
This is not my pic, but its exactly what i got.   Ok time to find the filson oil locally.  If not i will be calling your store.  I havent even worn the 1ks yet, and im already thinking about getting another pair soon.
So my 12Ds came in last night, and much to my relief they FIT !!!!.  Shoe was nice and comfortable, a tab bit long, but my foot was snug.   I cant wait to start wearing them, im going to try to pickup some Sno Seal on the way home.   Just wanted to ask, as these shoes came with the Wolverine Shoe Care kit, should i use that LP and cleaner, or get something else ?   These are my first real boots that i want to take care of, the redwings ive just kinda worn,...
  Ya, i am not sure.   I printed out the online pdf and did a quick measurement, and it seems like i am a 11, and the width on the chart was right between a W9 (D) and WA (E).   LOL, so based on that, the shoes from lastnight should have been fine.  At this point i am at a total loss.  Based on this chart, a EEE would be REALLY wide for me, so not sure what to do.  Id hate to order a pair of the 11.5 EEE from crane to just return it.
Well these shoes just hate me.  I tried on the 11.5 Brown W1k, and the were still snug around the bridge area, seems like my feet are too wide, so i guess im going to try to find a pair in EEE width.  NO idea where ill find that locally.   Any suggestions, is there a chance that the boot will stretch to my foot ? or should i not risk it and go for the EEE width ?
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