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I so need a pair coz I'm going hiking in Australia soon.
The Everlane T-shirts are a must have, they are so trendy .I just got myself one.
Just dont like, love the stuff before you decide to buy, that is , if you want no regrets.
Apart from ebay, where else can I find the jacket? Are there specific stores that sell it? I'm actually seeing it here for the first time.  
I've worn AE as long as I can remember. I upgrade my closet with their latest trends. I love stepping out in confidence and making a statement wherever I go and I've never gone wrong with AE's collections.In fact, they are my closet staple. Hey  AE haters, get your grime out of here!
Thanks for the link Adrian. It was really helpful;exactly what I've been looking for in a very long time.  
Thank you for taking this bold step to talk about your challenge,you represent a good number of men out there who face same predicaments. Sometimes clothes are standardized as the manufacturers target the majority in any demographic group. What the they forget is that there are some men (considered a minority) with unique physiques. Unfortunately this minority group finds it difficult getting ready-made clothes that suit them. Well, to sort yourself, get a renown...
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