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Is this 2 buttons or 3 buttons? and Sleeves got working button holes or not? Thanks in advance.
You're almost same size as me. I'm 7.5uk in CJ 348&337, 7.5uk in G&G kn14, 8uk in G&G TG73 and EG 888, and 7.5uk in JL 7000&8000 In case of Carmina Uetam, 7.5uk fits me well.
That sounds good. I also have been trying to find a more reddish suede. Thank you rc121!
Thank you so much! This is what I wanted exactly! 
Can anyone let me know what kind of color Vass has in suede leather? I tired to search on Google, but couldn't find the exact information..
Hello gentlemen,   I'm about to buy Vass lasted 3-piece shoe trees for F last 40 size. However, I'm not sure these'd fit my F last 40.5 size shoes too. I'd be grateful if anyone could advice me who has experience of Vass 3-piece shoe trees or has information about this.  Thanks in advance!
What's UK size?
PM sent again for #1, #8, and #9 ties. 
PM sent for #1 and #11 ties. I'm waiting for your reply.
PM sent
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