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Quote: Originally Posted by jbm7777 But I wanted to know that I made a good purchase for what I can afford. I think you made a very good purchase. They're high quality shoes for a reasonable price. Enjoy them.
Yes, they look at your shoes. I often get compliments from ladies when I wear nice shoes.
I like Lobbs, but not these.
P. Lal ( sells C & J shoes online.
Quote: Originally Posted by ziggyosk I am new to polishing shoes and this is the process I have been following. Tell me if this is right: 1. clean off shoes w/ damp cloth. wait to dry 2. apply polish w/cloth. 3. brush off polish 4. buff w/cloth sound right? Yes, that's OK. but add: 5. Apply edge dressing
Quote: Originally Posted by airportlobby When you lose weight, your shoe size will probably change a bit as well. Another reason to stick with the shoes you have, or limit your expenditure. +1. I lost 30 lbs last year and my feet became much smaller -- I replaced all of my shoes.
Quote: Originally Posted by Hans ... if you aren't young and fit then you shouldn't be wearing jeans in the first place. Right. Jeans are only to be worn by the most beautiful among us. The rest should of us should not wear jeans or trousers of any kind.
Mid-calf only for me.
Quote: Originally Posted by mdeep1 As a quick suggestion, a pair of leather loafers go nice with the dark wash jeans you'll be wearing to bars. Something like this will work, ... This is bad. Very bad.
Quote: Originally Posted by Jenaimarr I know Magli's aren't that highly regarded around here but I was just gauging whether these shoes were decent for this pricepoint? Should I return these and try to do better or would these suit needs? These are decent shoes at this pricepoint. If you like them, keep them.
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