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Funny stumbling over this thread now that Phineas has gotten even more extreme. While the cut is still great for a slim guy, they've definitely revved up the dandy factor.    Back in '08/'09 they still were using many fabrics with a more Italian vibe, but now it's so British dandy with their exploded tweeds that I don't understand who they think their customer is. Here's to wishing they'd reel it back in a bit and produce some more subtle stuff.
Wondering if anyone knows who produces their goods. Seems like a great value and I'd love to check out other brands that use the same factory.
Don't sleep on the boots at the Isaia sale. I got a pair of great shearling-lined Norwegian welt suede boots for $200. Very happy with the value on these.
Stopped into Tincati for the first time this weekend and had Mory walk me through. Was happy with the product and price points on sportswear seemed especially reasonable.   Any idea how Tincati construction would stack up against Kiton/Isaia? Also, anyone know if they have substantial sales?
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