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Does Vass allow returns? For incorrect sizing issues.
Wow, didn't know he would do that!   Almost makes me want to ask the same of him... but I am afraid Vass will raise prices again
My foot size is exactly the same size as yours, how strange... And yes, Renzo recommended me 42 on the F last too.   I got 41.5 against his advice, and it was slightly too big as well. But I stuck with the shoe and filled it with an insole and heel grip (the latter is quite useless).       Can anyone comment if the U and F last has the same width at the ball of the foot? How about length from heel to ball? Does the U have less volume under the vamp than the F?   How is...
My impression is that Renzo tends to overestimate sizes. My personal recommendation would be to go for the smaller size, but then again I'm new to Vass sizing.
I wonder if a shell oxford 'controls' the wrinkling more? It leaves less room for wrinkling, compared to a derby which has a vamp that 'extends' all the way to the tongue.   Btw, how will a heel counter help??
  Thanks, that's what I theorized initially. Do you have any wrinkles towards the edge of the wingtip or 'ends of the wing'? Pardon my poor shoe vocab.
Is it recommended to use a stiff-bristled brush for shell cordovan instead of a horsehair brush?   If shell is indeed that hard, and difficult to brush shine, then a synthetic brush is ok??
What style hides or 'controls' the wrinkles for shell? I know for a fact a wholecut will be suicide, but how about straight toecaps vs wingtips? Oxfords vs bluchers? Can someone show how shell wrinkles look on the U last? Gracias!
    Seriously, what's wrong with square-toe shoes?   Hordes of orcs will be bidding for this pair of beauts on eBay soon...
pardon me. too much to read on a mobile phone. online bespoke sounds pretty crazy, but convenient too.
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