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Ok I`ll look through yoox.... 80 is really cheap and MMM is one of my favorite designers/brands . Do you think I should get something like chinos, or would wool trousers being the better choice? I thoughted on last. Grey trousers I`m not sure, maybe a ligth bluish grey...   Techno pattern style? Sounds interesting, do you have a link to some pics for oriantation and inspiration?
Ok, thanks for your advice kindofyoung! 1. and 3. are easy to do, but finding good fitting pants for me, will take his time.
Ok, second pic, hope it`s better now... What would you suggest for a good look with the jacket? And yes I know, that I`m to skinny, but it will take time to change.  
First time posting here... so I`m slightly excited. My taste had changed a lot over a few months. So now I`m tired of the jeans + sneaker looks, for going out at evening  and want to create some slick Friday evening looks. Hope I`m on the right way     Blazer: Walter Van B. Shirt: Zara Pants: Dior Boots: Dsquared2
Hallo I plan on buying a Rick Owens Wool Coat for the following winter and would like to know something about the quality. So are the used materials worth the money and how warm are RO coats normally? I need a coat that keeps me warm up to -20 degree.
How much cm/inch of stretching out should I expect for pair of jeans with 5 % Elastain in it?
Need some recommendations for slim fitting dress shirts, with thicker well constructed collars, for around 50 $. Would Zara be an option, or are there shirts crappy like H&M? Thanks for your help!
Haven`t owend a pair of Acne jeans so far, but I think every raw denim will shrink about 1/2 - 1 inch, after a wash. For other options you should have a look on Nudies, Naked and Famous, A.P.C and Dior, if you want to drop the money   Btw: What boots do you wear, looking really good?
Ok thank you parker, I orientate myself always on fits I see here, but want to create my own fit, so it´s probaly the best way to get the pieces and then post a fit, like you said. One more question... I don`t like sneakers and normal dress shoes for that kind of style, so would fasionable side zip boots a possibility?
Haven`t buyed them for myself, but from what I have readed here, I think the boots run true too size, with some exceptionals.  
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