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Luxury Bazaar - Entire Store On Sale (Watches & Jewelry) Opulent Jewelers - 5% Off Everything In Store (Watches & Jewelry) Ashord - Various Deals (Watches)
I've noticed a lot of upscale jewelry giveaways lately and figured we should create a sort of "megathread" to put them all in. If you see a nice watch giveaway, or luxury jewelry piece that you could give to your better place, then drop it here! I'll get the ball rolling...   $13,000 Cartier Love Bracelet (8/1/14) https://www.opulentjewelers.com/blog/cartier-love-bracelet-giveaway/   $895 Diamond Halo Pendant in 14kt White Gold...
I agree, he's so consumed with his idea of "The Family" that he's oblivious to the actual family around him - who they really are, and what they're even doing.
Gif of the year right here. Brilliant.
I was disappointed when I read that. Hopefully this doesn't become a recurring thing (7 episode seasons? Come on...)
I've only watched the first 2 episodes so far but they seem well done. It's all pretty basic science, so I think anybody with a BSc or higher probably knows all of this stuff already. Even then, it's presented in such a way that it's still entertaining imo
Lunar sole was great, we need more of that.
Hey guys, I've got a checkout code at Opulent Jewelers that's good for $100 off any order at their store, until Valentine's Day 2014. The code is vday2014 and you can check out their selection here. Probably a good opportunity to save some money and get a nice piece of designer jewelry for your girl!
These fine folks are giving away a $600 Cartier bracelet for the holidays. Hopefully one of us wins this sucker... You can even enter more than once with Facebook/Twitter likes and shares. Contest here, ends December 12th - http://www.opulentjewelers.com/blog/cartier-holiday-giveaway/
Nope. Not in a million years, friend.
New Posts  All Forums: