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This post is driving me insane because I was specifically searching for Cartier Love Cuffs and the images aren't available now, lol. If I'm going for the Kanye West look with this kind of Love Bracelet and a few others mixed in, are there actually corresponding cuffs that Cartier makes? Preferably in yellow gold. Thanks.
I've got some vintage Cartier watches and jewelry that I'm looking to unload, but the local jewelers that I've visited have all low-balled on their offers. What are the best alternatives for selling online? Craigslist probably isn't going to reach the high-income demographic I'm looking for, and I want something that doesn't take too big of a cut when it sells. I've found these two consignment options which seem legit, but I'd like to know if anybody has prior experience...
As someone who hasn't read the books, what would you say were the "other suckiest plotlines" that were ignored for the show?
Good point, really hammers home the state of a lot of these characters: aimless and adrift. Don certainly seems like he's heading up to an epiphany of some kind, but we'll see; this show has never been short of its twists and turns...
Luxury Bazaar - Entire Store On Sale (Watches & Jewelry) Opulent Jewelers - 5% Off Everything In Store (Watches & Jewelry) Ashord - Various Deals (Watches)
I've noticed a lot of upscale jewelry giveaways lately and figured we should create a sort of "megathread" to put them all in. If you see a nice watch giveaway, or luxury jewelry piece that you could give to your better place, then drop it here! I'll get the ball rolling...   $13,000 Cartier Love Bracelet (8/1/14) https://www.opulentjewelers.com/blog/cartier-love-bracelet-giveaway/   $895 Diamond Halo Pendant in 14kt White Gold...
I agree, he's so consumed with his idea of "The Family" that he's oblivious to the actual family around him - who they really are, and what they're even doing.
Gif of the year right here. Brilliant.
I was disappointed when I read that. Hopefully this doesn't become a recurring thing (7 episode seasons? Come on...)
I've only watched the first 2 episodes so far but they seem well done. It's all pretty basic science, so I think anybody with a BSc or higher probably knows all of this stuff already. Even then, it's presented in such a way that it's still entertaining imo
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