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  I checked out the thread you mentioned, and though I'm subsequently a little worried about the color and finish on the Katahdins (it sounds like folks are finding them considerably different in real life than in the photos?), the moc-toe version definitely has some potential (the engineer version looks good, too, but it's a little blunt for my taste). Thanks for the tip.
City walking, mostly. And I'm in Chicago, so they wouldn't even need to be able to handle hills.    And I wouldn't be wearing them indiscriminately through snow nor rain, but having a little traction on ice would be great.
Hello one and all.   This is my very first post on your very fine site, and at the risk of getting off on the wrong, uh, foot, I'm afraid I've gotta poormouth a little, for which I apologize:   With regard to boots, what's the best that can be done for around $200-250US? I wear a 13US, prefer a little bit of chunk and some below-the-cuff interest (a cap toe, broguing, apron, etc.), and some kind of tread is necessary, but all I'm finding along those lines and...
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