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Oh, those are the archives? Thanks! I've ordered the grey tiger hoodie on there. I though archives would be something else because you don't even need an account to see the previous collection.
How do you access the archives? Every time it says to login I do and then it says 404 not found.
  Thanks for the suggestions! I wanted a tradition lengthed suit but the tailor suggested a shortened one because well, I am pretty short (5'5"). I'll post a full body so you can see the proportions. I never requested a slim suit but I guess it was what the tailor was familiar with so that was how it turned out. I tried to ask for a lower button stance but since the suit is outsourced it could not be done. I went back today to get a remake and added more to the back to...
Err thanks for the feedback but can you explain what I should add/change?
I recently purchased a MTM suit from a local tailor and I was wondering if somebody could help me find the mistakes in the suit           So far from what I think I can tell is that the shoulders don't fit (Since reading through posts I'm unsure if the cause is size, cut etc.???), the back is too tight and the chest also a bit too small at the button (However if the back is corrected would this be fixed as well?). Some parts I'm unsure of such as...
Nope, the pocket stitching is wrong. I had one of these denim jackets and the back collar was super high.
Speaking of having the buttons moved, my Sterlingwear fits fine in the shoulder area but is tight around my abdomen. If I move the buttons closer to the center it will give me a better fit. Do you guys think it will looks strange? I'm thinking that I would have to move both sides otherwise it would look uneven. Thanks!       Yeah, the vent looks terrible.
  +1 on where the surplus store is. I've been looking locally for some time but did not find any vintage peacoats.
Wow that's pretty big I decided to size down to a 34, it's coming in a day or 2. Hopefully the fit is good. Will post pictures when it gets here.
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