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Well, I just got my 1940s/early 50s peacoat in the mail, size 38 on the label, and it is in amazing shape!!  No stains, no tears, no visible worn spots, excellent.  Now for the not so good news--it is just slightly too large.  The chest is great, but the arms are too long and the shoulders are too wide, and the overall length is just a bit too long.  So yeah, once again I can confirm that I am, indeed, a 38 short, haha.   The measurements are:   20.5 p2p 25 arm...
  Thanks for the input!  My chest measures 39 and some change, but I've never been able to wear any jacket in a size 40. Ah, yes, that makes sense about the p2p.  Depends on where the manufacturer places the seams, so one measures fabric edge to fabric edge.  When I do that with the Banana peacoat, it measures almost 21," so this makes me think I should probably look for a size 38, especially if I am getting a 10 button WWII version.
Quick question: I am seeing some online measurements of a 38 short as 22" from shoulder seam to end of sleeve and regulars as 25".  Could it be that a "short" coat was made to a different length in the 40s and 50s than a 2012 "short" because of average height increasing over time?
First Post!  (lurk from time to time, so why not just jump on in, right?) :)   Just picked up the Banana Republic navy wool peacoat but I think the side hand warmer pockets are ruining it for me.  The sewn down flaps have a sort of wave/soft-v shape to them, tend to stick out a bit, and therefore create a less tailored look, in my opinion.   That said, the fit is perfect.  Nicely snug with a shirt and sweater, still well-fitted with just a shirt.  Usually Banana...
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