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I guess this is right on the line between this thread and the other one, now, but eh.  
That's too much money. I've never seen a blue horse, anyway.
Do they still make for Epaulet and Howard Yount?
That's nice, but the very limited color palette can be a bit much for me (and I'm a William Eggleston fan). Dressing in shades of one color (what you're describing) can be a bit much, but sometimes cool browns can be tricky to pair with other colors (relative to warm browns). That's what you're seeing there with Yukio. You got a navy repp tie with some kind of stripe? And, if you're lucky, a hank that has some of the stripe's color in it? Try that with a light blue...
To be fair, shirt collars are the absolute hardest thing to get right at RTC's and my end of the market. I'm lucky I like OCBDs so much, because those are a little easier to come across.Whaddaya mean, "an outfit?" @SeaJen I like that, but I think a bit of pattern or something on the braces wouldn't go amiss -- not sure if I love the solid tie and solid braces right next to each other like that. But that's a nitpcik, and the suit is amazing (cloth and tailoring). Iso -- I...
Thanks!     But, not really. Licensed, I'm pretty sure. Reminds me a lot of the same era's YSL stuff -- strong shoulders, clean chest.
I haven't thrifted much good art, but I've got some good bad art in thrifts. I actually threw some in with this not-quite-a-thrift fit (coat, tie, and kicks all thrifted):     I like to think this painting was done by a proto-goth teenage girl in the late '70s.
Cool's in the eye of the beholder, and for me to think of something as "clean," it has to be a bit sleeker than that.   I don't think that watch would be quite right for anything as formal as a tucked-in shirt, so on a forum that's mostly about tailored clothing, it's not gonna get a lot of love, and certainly won't be said to go with all outfits. Like, it would work with basically nothing I wear.
Sup?   Been a while. If anybody asks, Shanghai was more or less like that when I got there.     Feedback welcome. I never thought I'd make this tie work as well as it does here.
Ah, that's a bummer. They sometimes put the outlet merch on the website, if you sign up for the emails. The good ones are the Ascot II, which I think can be had on Ebay NIB as well. I think a pair of black, non-beefroll Bass Weejuns can be cool in an uncool way, if that scans. Those are ~$75. If Aldo/H&M/Zara made shoes for actual feet, that would be a decent bet.
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