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Sample sale? 4x2, 38R, J. Press Japan? I carried that SOB around for 20 minutes before I talked myself down from it (I would have had to mess with the blades to make it work, and I don't do that). I would have ditched the brass buttons, worn it like a navy blazer with a sense of occasion (as opposed to a navy blazer you can roll out of bed into).
Howdy! Feedback is always appreciated. I wore this with a cream silk square. Shirt is light blue herringbone. [[SPOILER]]
 Thank you both. It's a tricky shirt for me – the wide collar and extremely smooth poplin steered me into thinking it would work in this context, but I think if I had looked at it from this point of view, I would have thought better of it. I think the problem I'm running into is that everything I know about dressing in practice is basically country clothes, since I've dressed that way for years. Now that I'm trying to dress more formally – without taking things back to the...
Thanks. I am familiar with that principle, but even with it in mind I made the call that this shirt looked alright. Less sure about that now, probably won't repeat it.
I agree wholeheartedly. That said, I haven't seen many ties I like at department stores. But on the flip side, I can't bear to spend too much on ties.
Thanks. Here's today. If I could take an inch of spread out and mail it to @blekit I probably would. I think I'm going to have these pants tapered slightly from the knee down. Brooksgate suit/Hawes & Curtis tie/Sante De Chio shirt (thanks @nerdykarim)/no-name pocket square (thanks @drlivingston)/AE Park Aves (thanks AAAC poster Dmontez).
Thanks. I like the hank in the wide shot, but not in the close-up. I shot them some time apart, and I suppose it fell down or stuck out and I messed with it. Or the lighting between the two shots is that different. Do you reckon it's the PS as a whole, or just the red and blue in there? I went for it because of the browns, but the red does tend to dominate, and the bright blue doesn't help. In theory, those colors pick up on the suit's check, but there's not enough of them...
This is a conversation to have with your tailor, who will have his own ideas. Ask him questions, don't say "some guy from New Jersey told me online that I should wear a wide lapel and a low button stance."
Quote:Originally Posted by Mr Knightley  @YRR92 I have been meaning to say that I really liked your tie.  I am a great fan of muted paisley designs.  FWIW I like the knot too - I recall someone suggesting you brush up your technique... Haha, thanks. Not just now, but once in the past – one I took to heart, though it was more a case of making sure I finish my cup of coffee before attempting the tie.Also a heart, which makes it a Valentine's Day only tie. I'll try to tie it...
Not shown: medium brown half-brogue monkstraps.
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