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Blue trousers = wear when you might wear jeans with tailoring, if your tailored clothes aren't quite right for jeans. At least, I'm gonna put that into practice with some blue cords this f/w. Also easier to pull off sans tie. (and I'm gonna keep wearing jeans with tailoring, too).
One of the tailored outfits I was raised thinking was "normal" was worsted (possibly pinstriped) suit + light colored Hermes tie + optional bit loafers. So I view this through that lens, and it seems like a more-tasteful/SF-approved version of the same idea. I don't see the need for everything to be completely serious 100% of the time – not all business has to be conservative business, and not all business dress has to be CBD. Dunno if I'm down for hip patches on that...
I disagree. I think the strong stripes are business-y enough that they need a softening touch, especially given that it's a hard-finished, lightweight worsted. In a flannel, then I could see a darker tie. Sugarbutch has it right about the cut of O/O's clothes, but Ianiceman has it right about the ludicrous casual stuff he'd post. Gmm, I think it's a venal sin to go sockless with that navy blazer rig. I think it's a bit vulgar to go sockless in wool trousers (I think I...
You know what people wore on top when they went hunting in cav twill and flannel trousers? It wasn't t-shirts worn out.   There's gonna be a gap in formality. With a t-shirt, it would look like you spilled something on your real shirt. With a polo shirt, there'll be a gap in seasonality – a cotton pique short-sleeve polo with heavy wool trousers? Where does that make sense?   I guess you could do a merino long sleeved polo with a pair of flannels or something, but it...
That looks like the printing inside a pair of Sanders loafers I tried on recently, but admittedly I just tried them on. These Cole Haans are older Loakes Cheaneys, right? I'll add a photo of the nail pattern on the heel soon. Is "09-88" a date?  "8 1/2 D" there is certainly an American size, but I guess this is because they were made for an American company. The insole there is marked "made in England."
Those pants on the bottom look off to begin with.   But there's no way to taper a pleat into that skinny a leg without looking like a carrot.   Why not just buy skinny pants?
I wasn't agreeing with you, and then I saw how uniform the defense for suede was, and now I reckon you have a point. There do seem to be folks on the internet who default to suede with town suits, which, while not necessarily incoherent, is perhaps too much of a good thing. Not that it'll affect what I wear much, really.
I can't imagine that feeling. I like the gren with the brown and light blue, or the last one. The shantung is nice, but if you're somehow going to get by with fewer than four navy striped ties, then a summer-only one doesn't make sense. I just don't love the next to last one.
Partying. I know, the jacket is too long.
Hey, y'all. Wondering if anybody can help me authenticate these LV ties. They're pretty standard 3-folds, and the lining isn't very nice – but I'm guessin' LV isn't playing to impress me.     If this is the wrong place, or whatever, I'll fix it. And a thrift fit:   (The shirt ain't thrifted, and the saddle shoes I wore it with were from a discount store, but the patch madras and the orange tab Levis 517s were thrifted).
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