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Most people on here aren't going to go for a penny loafer with a suit You're also not going to find many people who'll cosign a tie without a jacket.   That Florsheim is cheap looking. The J&M is a little better, but still not as nice as the Randolph. That would be well-suited to a sportcoat with or without tie, and probably fine for tie without jacket, too.
Wonder if the drape of those pants is twisted somehow -- like the fabric is off the grain by a few degrees.   I like it otherwise, though maybe a solid knit tie would help things along?
If you're gonna act like the thread bouncer, you gotta go find yourself a black leather car coat.Now's the time to sell it, I reckon, with the holidays here.
This is the place: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wallachs_%28clothiers%29 I usually see their name as "so-and-so for Wallach's," usually on pretty generic mid-to-low-end stuff from the late '70s to the '90s. If they were, as Wikipedia says, the same group as Tripler and Roots, they were probably at the bottom of that pile, since Tripler seems to have sold nice own-brand stuff, and the stuff I see with Roots labels is generally a little nicer than the Wallach's stuff I've...
 Think it's a gender issue, TBH. I know plenty of American women who spend a lot on clothes, but it's not such an "approved expense" for men. "The Secret Vice," I guess.
I like the gray suit, the midnight tux, and Chow's SB tux.   Think I prefer the narrower-striped navy suit.   EDIT: Jeffrey Deitch, who's an art-world mover and shaker. Used to run the MOCA in LA. The Chinese guy with the lei is Michael Chow, who founded Mr. Chow (and has a pretty good art collection). I don't recognize anybody else, because I'm in one of those scruffy applied arts.
I have seen my share of center-vented DB. The DB blazer I wear a lot has a center vent (but it's middlebrow '70s American tailoring), and I have one very well-made 4x1 DB suit with a center vent, though I chalk that up to 1987 being a terrible year. I'll get that one closed up, I think.
What a lousy picture. It doesn't include the dark brown half-brogues and charcoal flannels
Quote:  I rest my case. MF, you know your context better than me. I think a TF-style wider shawl would dress down more easily than a narrow one like that, not to mention look much more natural in a non-black tie context. Self-faced, of course. I'm not sure I'd find unlined sleeves more comfortable, though. Surely they'd tend to catch on your shirtsleeves more than a lined sleeve?
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