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Thanks for the kind words and thumbs!   @Claghorn No tractor, but you can at least see suburban decay. That shed needs paint.
An exact match with the shirt is fine, if they're both solid white. Otherwise, it's a no-go. Wearing a bowtie for business dress is like wearing a hank for business dress – it depends on your environment and your position within it. A lawyer in Charleston can wear things that a banker in Manhattan can't, and vice versa. Better to be the right kind of safe than the wrong kind of bold (though I do like the right kind of boldness). If you're talking about a social event with...
Thanks! Did you happen to see the coat in the link? My call is that it doesn't succumb to the worst of the issues that usually plague darker gray odd jackets. But I'll acknowledge that it's something on which people can disagree. And I know it's your (great) tumblr. I was just having a bit of fun.
It'll flip on eBay or on here.
Man, then we're gonna have to start emailing each other to make sure we don't wear the same outfits on the same days.
I'm not crazy about that particular sharkskin. Little too much of that shine for me, though it could be the picture.   And the pic-stitched dart is a bit too much. Is it pulling at the fabric oddly, or should we chalk that up to "clothes move when you move in them?"
Thanks!I almost wore a similar jacket that has no breast pocket. But I wear a hank because I like hanks.
The only time you should be wearing a wing collar is if you're in a tuxedo or white tie, and you have highly-developed, highly-specific tastes. You should ABSOLUTELY NEVER WEAR A MATCHING TIE AND POCKET SQUARE. Literally. The only exception would be if you were asked to be in a person without taste's wedding party.    If it's a "suit jacket with matching pants," you can just say "a suit" – that implies a jacket and pants, or in your case a three-piece suit.   A bowtie...
Def. not an orphan, which is the only reason I didn't leave it. This is very much a jacketing in terms of weight, and the cloth isn't totally solid – more of a heather, and I suppose some would call it dark gray rather than charcoal (certainly not "almost black"). Should have snapped a pic – it's a hair darker than this jacket I saw on tumblr:  [[SPOILER]]  @barrelntrigger I've already found better. But I like this one. EDIT: Damn, found the exact thing on eBay. This is...
Picked up a nice charcoal gray solid Austin Reed 100% cashmere sportcoat. I like it, but it would take a fair bit of tailoring to make it work.   Keep or flip?
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