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Shoulders are a bit wide, and a bit built up. But are you standing naturally there? It looks like you're pushing your chest out and pulling your shoulders back, which might be exacerbating the issues. Clothes should look good when you're standing naturally, not when you're trying to take a picture for the internet. Of course, many of us (myself included) tend to stiffen up when taking a picture.   For example, this is me stiffening up and throwing my shoulders...
Didn't shoot a full-length (sorry Noodles), but I wore this with tan chinos (not quite enough contrast) and brown AE Strands.  
Well, I'll make an exception for this one: I don't see it as a bastardized version of the Lobb/St. C. style, but as a chukka boot with a low top. It works for me, in a way none of the weird chelseas have. Then again, I like that kinda '60s aesthetic the Jomocs play into. But it does sometimes seem like somebody at AE is trying to justify their title as "shoe designer" by, you know, trying to invent something new, rather than trying to do really well executed versions of...
Is saddle leather really rough, though? Sure, rougher than calf, but not as rough as Dublin/CXL. I'd rank it around pebble grain. I think it suits the last and welt style, but the price is a bit high for anything less than calf. I think it would be a great shoe to show off some of their new calfskin finishing, too. In burnished burgundy? They really should have made the suede version which you can see here,...
For what it's worth, the Jomoc is a reboot of the Jodox, an old style. "Jodox" was short for "jodphur oxford," but it really is more of a shoe-height chukka.   Blog post I done did:   http://horizontaljustice.tumblr.com/post/95380716317/whats-old-is-new-again-the-allen-edmonds-jodox
Largely because it's too short, though. The shoulders don't help, but the real issue is that it's too tight and too short.
I'd rather see the striped shirt with a contrasting tie for that kind of thing. It's an art event.
That looks a million times better without the jacket, ETB. The sweater's sleeves are too long, and it just looks rather unkempt with the jacket over it.   I have a red crewneck that I'll wear with an OCBD, tweed, and jeans pretty regularly. I think this could work with, say, a dark brown cord or moleskin jacket, or better still, something more casual.
More conservative. Sharkskin and birdseye are semi-solids, that's a solid.
Are we talking about a plain worsted that happens to be in a twill weave (as many conservative-to-the-bone worsteds are) or some kind of cloth with a clearly visible twill weave?   I'd say a clearly visible twill would be... weird. I've never seen a really pronounced one in a suiting weight.   But a plain worsted in a twill is more conservative than a sharkskin, because it's plainer.
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