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Yo, @Gdwilson:  [[SPOILER]] Some stuff I bought for myself recently, including a pinstripe orphan I defy you to say I shouldn't wear ('70s YSL):  Wish it had the pants, but as somebody too skinny to drive (that is, a 30" waist), every suit I find has pants that end somewhere above my socks. So I get to recreate this picture this fall: 
Yeah, you're thinking of sharkskin in layman's terms. The terms gets thrown around to refer to shiny cloth in mohair or silk blends, but it's just a weave. It looks especially shiny in shiny yarn (as in that Hugo Boss suit, or your "Goodfellas" style of thing), but a really dry sharkskin (call it pick-and-pick if you want) is no flashier than a birdseye or a nailhead. Of course, I'm from New Jersey, so what do I know?
This is me, as well, though I will wear a hank a little differently based on the edge. A machined hem? No way it'll be seen. A rolled edge I like? That might even be enough to induce to wear one points up.
Too much.
I'm open to pretty much anything. I have a passable dress watch, but I'd wear another one. A diver would be fine, as would a field watch. A pilot watch could be cool, but aren't they usually rather large? Sorry I'm being vague. But, sure, what could I look at if I bumped up the budget a little?
I think I have that exact tie, in black and in brown. I like it.  EDITS: Those Loakes don't look like patent to me. And I had my dean show up on me, in Shanghai, while I was hungover in a meeting where I wasn't expecting him. That was a bit of a moment.
Plenty of people with better clothes and worse pictures than mine getting more thumbs and compliments than me, for whatever that's worth.   Anyway, I like good photos, and my business card says "photographer," so I have a minimum standard to meet.
And... it's me again. I actually wore this today.   Vintage blazer, Tyrwhitt shirt, BB madder, eBay links, gift PS, plus Lands' End boots.  
I think this is the distinction between inkjet printing and block printing (as I learned from l'affair P*ssagio). Certainly, my recent-ish BB "madders" have had a plain tan/gold underside.
Hey! I'm hoping you all can help me out with something. I like my Seiko 5, and I'm reasonably happy with my quartz watches, but I think I'd like to try a hand-wound (just to see if I can stand winding it and setting it as part of my routine).   What are my options for something cheap? I've looked at HMTs on eBay, but they all seem to be plated over base metal. Ideally, I'd like something in stainless for under $75, between 34 and 40 mm.
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