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Where? He's got one under that gingham dress shirt?
@Koala-T   Good, but the square adds nothing. White or off-white would be fine, and I can understand why you wore that one with the tie, but it doesn't cohere in the longer shot.   I'm really on board with the green pants/tan jacket look. I wish I had the stuff to make it happen.
I agree. It doesn't look like a suit from 2015. But that isn't a bad thing. And the rounded edges of the lapel are killer. @MrChris I'd like that four times, if I could.
That's a documentary as much as I'm in NWA. Unless there's one that doesn't have Paul Giamatti in a wig – which, by the way, is one of the many reasons I want to see it.
The lightness and shininess meant that I thought it worked alright, though I saw SB's point. That's a complete idea, and I think this jacket is working better than the navy one. I think you could keep playing with proportions and fit within this aesthetic, but it would be tweaky stuff.
Yep. The best way to learn really is hands-on experience.
Try shit on. If it looks good, buy it. If you don't know what "looks good" is, look at pictures and try stuff on in stores. I have never brought a tape measure to a thrift store, and I have never cared about the exact measurements of things. After about a year or two, my eye was sufficiently trained that I can just kinda tell if something will work or won't.
Yeah, but I like Cazals. I just have a really clear double standard for things that remind me of Run-DMC. I do read them as somewhat kitsch, though, and the way they flirt with bad taste is a big part of that. But I like them because of their kitsch value, not in spite of it.
They're Cazals, though. The conspicuous branding is so much an element of the design that they get a pass. Are those your primary glasses, @mcobinad? I also don't mind the black shoes – yes, I suppose you could call it too formal, but anything else would be too much for the color palette. Perhaps the right reddish/burgundy/black cherry color could work, but the wrong shade of burgundy would look much worse than black. I do think it's a bit tight, and that if it had a tiny...
If you give me a big head, I'll have to buy wider ties.  Thanks, though.  [[SPOILER]]Yeah, but I'm too hungry for that...
New Posts  All Forums: