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I'm not sure what the "fashion April of the world" means, but I'm interested.   But seriously, I like fun squares, and I have to think t-shirt-ish elements would sell (and I might even like them!).   What's the deal, though? Silk or cotton, handrolled edges, all that kind of thing?
The under 3" ties are already on the way out. But ditching ugly cheap ties, regardless of dimensions, is the right policy.
You'll regret it.
I think this might be one of those times when I don't need to specific "feedback is welcome," but nevertheless...  
"I don't care about how it looks, I just care about how it looks."
Re: Dressing for "optimality." I totally don't. I have no need to look great and earn the respect of my peers through elegant sobriety. Right now, I'm dressing to indulge my curiosity as much as anything else.
Thanks. I'm not sure what shoes I'd wear with that. Either loafers or bals, maybe monks. Something less sensible, since it's not really a sensible jacket.
Monkeyface,   That's super cool.   Arnathor,   Happy birthday! I'm jealous of your beverage.   Edward I,   It's a good first post here. I agree with the calls for more contrast between jacket and trousers, plus a lighter square, and while I like the very American shirt in this context, the PTBs aren't quite perfect. Spoo has made shell PTBs work with a slick, dandyish odd jacket rig, but I'm not sure how.     Chocsosa,   Though I think a wider ankle and a...
I don't go crazy, but I recall somebody on here described a perfect shirt as "one which is as tight as possible without any fit issues," and I can't handle that. Give me a shirt that fits in the shoulders, and has maybe an inch-and-a-half of ease everywhere, with a moderate trouser rise, and a moderately slim leg (think Take Ivy), and I'm happy.
The handgrade KW shoes are from DC Lewis. I think they've had a thread or two on the forum, so you might get results searching the forum for those.
New Posts  All Forums: