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I keep seeing the BB versions very cheaply indeed, and I can't bring myself to buy – doesn't help that I'd need a 32, and even though in a ribbon I can really make a 34 (ie, what they have in stock) work, it seems like leather is too hefty for the excess to stay out of the way. I like the idea of green suede. And I think a tweedy-enough windowpane works, but a lot of windowpane jackets end up reading like something that would be better off as a solid, or a real check....
When does "wife leaves noob for fireman" happen?
Yeah, this was an experiment that didn't pay off well enough to repeat.  And I'm Welsh/Cornish (by way of coal mines in Michigan) in part, but it's really more like if you just shake the British Isles enough you eventually end up with me.
I dig it. Jacket is a navy blazer with patch pockets, worn with rumpled tan trousers and suede shoes. I'm so out of practice posting I forgot that there was nothing in there to imply that. With a navy suit, I would probably avoid this shirt entirely. The tie reads a little more casual in real life – it drapes like linen or something, though I don't know what it's made of. The only tag is from a defunct menswear store in West Orange, New Jersey, with the very unfortunate...
I literally cannot believe people are defending Costco's "pizza." It is the pizza equivalent of their dress shirts.   Their hot dogs, on the other hand...   @NickPollica:   This is totally tangential to this dumb thread, but where are the fully-fashioned Eidos knits made? My impression is that Isaia is very vertically integrated, but do they have their own knitwear factory?
What is there to say?   \
Americans think it's Italian. Frenchmen think it's American. Eidos is Pizza Hut, yes?  [[SPOILER]]
Those boots have a contrast welt,  leather in a non-dressy finish, and are on very clunky lasts. I think you can, with the right aesthetic, get away with clunky gunboat shoes, but they should be in shiny, dark leather – think cordovan Aldens.   The Red Wings may have been "fine," but you can wear duckbilled Aldo slip-ons with your suit and be "fine." There are folks on this board who'd like to be dressed well to such an extent that they no longer fit in (I fall in this...
No, I like beat-up jeans, but that rise seems really low – and in that light, I was worried they were (gasp) distressed.
I'd call the Formosa straighter, which I suppose you could call cleaner. The first one has a rather convex shape, which I don't love. A bit much padding for the totally bald sleeve heads, maybe, and perhaps not positioned perfectly for the shape of the shoulders under it. Not helped by the gorge, which is insanely high. The second one has a very natural shoulder line, not perfectly clean and straight, but pretty good-looking. The Formosa has really beautiful shoulders, if...
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