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I heard he was allergic to the metal on the back of the watch. I'm not sure if there's some kind of werewolf angle on that.
 It's pretty easy to map Fahrenheit to ambient temps, though.0F: Very cold outside.100F: Very hot outside. 0C: Fairly cold.100C: Dead.
This x1000.
I don't mind two buttons on the cuffs, but if you replace those, try to find very dark brown or burgundy leather knotted buttons.
^^   Why replace them?
You've read this, eh? http://dieworkwear.com/post/13831024107/the-cutaway-single-monk and, uh, the follow-up, which I happen to agree with? http://dieworkwear.com/post/57713004143/reconsidering-the-single-monk
Which one, the field coat or the blazer? I think the proportions in the field coat one are really nice together, so I think slimmer jeans would require everything else changing a little bit -- my instinct is to say that the top half would need to get trimmer too, but I my vague sense of what's hip suggests that the top half would be better off getting looser in that case, and I think the shoes would need different proportions, too.
Thanks for the advice, and the kind words. I think the issue I had was a combination of all the factors you pointed out, plus the tighter neck of the V-neck pushing it down, and the fact that I did not allow the costume department enough time for last looks before shooting.
^^   Too short, and with that much curve to the fronts and the patch pockets, lowering the hem probably won't ever look right. Anyway, the lapel shape is a bit extreme.
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