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Neumora was on the chisel-toed 3 last, the Mora 2.0 is on the 8 last. The original Mora (1.0, I guess) was discontinued seven or eight years ago, right when double monkstraps became popular. I have the same Warwick question as @CanadaCal. @Z-S-F, I've seen the Brooks MacNeils in that color in the shop. They weren't exactly the same as the old chili calf, but that was more orange than red to my eye. To my eye, the new chili is a little more red. That picture looks a little...
Might be a bit blue-on-blue with the jacket.
I like this. I think the cardigan works well. The white ocbd/knit tie/cardigan/burg shoes/tweed thing is very Ivy, but the shoes themselves look rather English, and the cut of the clothes is very Italian (and very nice). So, best of three worlds, IMO. White oxford is fine here, I'd say. The white/green square with white shirt and green tie is pushing it, but I don't think it's too much. I think if you had a square with navy (from the sweater), green, and some other color,...
AE did a book for their 90th anniversary a few years ago, and they had a contest where if you wrote them a little piece about your AEs, they'd hook you up with a pair. As a college freshman, there was no way I was gonna pay $350 for shoes, so I was totally in. The only problem was, I didn't own a single pair of AEs -- not even thrifted. So I wrote them a decent little essay about how I like clothes, since you can show other people you respect them and take them seriously,...
We doin' a thrift fit challenge this week? Because everything in these pictures was thrifted (and the dark brown AE Strands you don't see were won in an essay contest, so at least I didn't pay for 'em): [[SPOILER]]
Why a zipper on a laced boot?   And how much do you want to spend?
For what it's worth, I think @justinkapur's (very nice) shirt and (very nice) tie don't work together not just because of pattern scale, but also because the saturation and value between the ground of the tie and the stripe of the shirt are too similar.
Yo, @Gdwilson:  [[SPOILER]] Some stuff I bought for myself recently, including a pinstripe orphan I defy you to say I shouldn't wear ('70s YSL):  Wish it had the pants, but as somebody too skinny to drive (that is, a 30" waist), every suit I find has pants that end somewhere above my socks. So I get to recreate this picture this fall: 
Yeah, you're thinking of sharkskin in layman's terms. The terms gets thrown around to refer to shiny cloth in mohair or silk blends, but it's just a weave. It looks especially shiny in shiny yarn (as in that Hugo Boss suit, or your "Goodfellas" style of thing), but a really dry sharkskin (call it pick-and-pick if you want) is no flashier than a birdseye or a nailhead. Of course, I'm from New Jersey, so what do I know?
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