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How much do you want to spend?   You could drop by a Cole Haan outlet and find a serviceable pair of black full-grain bit loafers for around $120.
I think very few people on this forum would wear:   1) A dark shirt with a light tie and a dark suit (I wouldn't) 2) That particular paisley tie (I wouldn't) or any large paisley tie (some people go too far). 3) A large-scale paisley tie like that with a business suit (I wouldn't).   If you're wearing a dark suit with a dark shirt, your head just kinda floats above your body, but if you wear a lighter shirt, the v shape this creates points at your face.   Paisley...
You achieve a sense of balance by having no buttons at all on the other sleeve, right?
This is roughly twice as relevant as one with, you know, purple linen at the top, followed by white linen, followed by whatever laborers wore as togas.   We're all either "upper middle-brow" or a seperate category, not marked, for "weirdos."
The wonderful thing about Moore is that he's smirking his way through these ridiculous situations. We're in on the joke when we watch him, and it's very charming. He pushes it a bit too far, of course. But Living Daylights is a campy movie with a serious lead character, and License To Kill is an '80s action film more than anything else. I guess if you want to take James Bond films seriously, then it's Dalton, Connery, and Craig. But if I want a serious spy story, I'm going...
Dalton, but Dalton also made the mistake of acting.
I think that coat might be a bit too disco for a pinpoint BD and a knitted tie. I think it might need a simple stripe, or a matte woven solid, to balance out its width. Also, you seem to wear a lot of pinpoint BDs with tweed. I do oxford under those circumstances. Are you just not an oxford cloth man, or would you consider it?
Ahh, the importance of alterations. SLH Yeah, that's a coat you'll get a lot of use out of. Hopsack works for me in the summer, but the texture isn't wrong for flannels. Here's how I've worn my three (two of them with flapped patch pockets and a welted breast), from last week back to May, madder to shantung, flannels and cords to yellow poplins and white denim. [[SPOILER]]
Cox -- I think your eyes sit too close to the tops of both those frames.
 Thanks. I, unfortunately, get to swing from single-digits to the mid-80s over the course of a year. But I can wear a heavier suit for the real cold, and I have a few blazers and sportcoats that are wearable in the real heat. So 10 oz is doable. I think the color I'm thinking of is maybe a bit darker than mid-gray -- noticeably lighter than charcoal, that's for sure. Something like this, or a bit darker.  When I say narrower, I'm talking about a very small amount. I still...
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