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First of all, thanks for the detailed feedback, and for the kind words. -I agree, the trousers and tie are both dressier than the jacket. The trou are worsted flannel, but they're not flecked or mottled the way a lot of flannels are, so they do read more formally. I couldn't come up with a square that was perfect for this (I think a blue-y purple-y wool square could have been great, but I don't own one of those), so I just wore one I liked. - I don't like striped BD shirts...
First of all, weren't "no homo" a Cam'ron thing before it was an SNL thing?   Second of all, I have suede McGraws, and they fit weirdly. Long-ish and narrow. But I like how the last looks, and for what I paid ($130 for brown suede seconds), I'll settle for a heel pad.
Thanks for the kind words and thumbs on my last posts, y'all. Here's what I'm wearing today:
I didn't catch it first time around, TBH. I dislike the jacketing fabric in general, and the tie/square combination doesn't do anything for me. I also don't like that shade of gray/brown/green.
End of discussion, IMHO. But really, the difference between 18 and 20 thumbs in hardly enough to make a difference, is it?
^^   Sounds to me like your shirts are too tight.
It's too square, but it's not as square as the worst square-toed shoes. But it's a weird shoe: I think a tan wingtip blucher needs a visible welt edge, and I tend to prefer them on a classic English last.
Well, what I really like about @An Acute Style is that he's got a totally different take on the same tradition (I guess we could call it "post-Ivy" classic American tailoring) as me. I like to think we have a similar vocabulary, but we certainly use it in very different ways. That, and I hadn't yet had a chance to wear this recently-thrifted tie or sweater vest yet, and they're both a bit bolder than I normally reach for.
AAS might have a hard time picking somebody to dress like, but luckily, the rest of us have AAS. Mine's not an exact copy, but it's sort of a pastiche, with the fair isle/plaid tweed/patterned tie. I didn't do the pose exactly right, and you can't see my ribbon watchband. But hey, it was fun (Really. I'm having fun in that picture. Trust me.)    Here's something similar from the man himself: [[SPOILER]]
The second button on that shirt is placed higher than usual, covering more of the cravat than you may want (I think it looks fine). I think if you were to unbutton it, it would show too much.
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