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How do you feel about wet/wet? I wear a lot of repp ties, and I know I should eventually pick up some madder or challis squares, but should I push them up the list? I generally wear oxford cloth shirts and tweed jackets, FWIW.
RTC, you know that if you don't wear a PS, she might not be able to tell you're an iGent from the get-go.   Srsly: I like that color combination, but wish I could get a sense of the proportions -- the coat looks kinda relaxed, and the pants look kinda skinny.
Nice proportions on that suit, GMMCL, and I think it's a great example of how nice light gray can look in a semi solid.  @NickPollica both got the memo about green tweed and white oxford.  [[SPOILER]]
If BB Madison fits you, J. Crew's stuff probably won't. Also, the lapels are 2011 skinny.   You might be able to stack a mall coupon on top of that 15%.   The BB suits are solidly middle-of-the-road, so they're not going to date too badly any time soon.
Thanks for the review, @Stebbin. I don't know if this came up in your discussions with C & G, but is it possible to go in for a fitting on their lower-end suits?   Also, does anybody know anything about their shirts and trousers, or have an (even) cheaper recommendation for somebody in Shanghai to make those?
Claghorn, I had that issue with your wool tie just a little bit, but I felt the relatively dressy shirt balanced it out.    The second one probably works better in real life, if I remember how your hair looks. Not to get all on you, but I don't feel like you filled out the range in terms of color value perfectly, and I think the saturation doesn't come together perfectly.
Ah, yes. Quite so, I should say.
Yeah, I should do that. Thesis film, so getting to throw on a baseball cap and look exactly like Ron Howard is fairly funny. I dig that, Claghorn, I'm often tempted to wear my cord jacket with wool trousers, but I doubt my particular examples of each would work as well as yours do. And the bridle belt is a great touch.
ICYMI: The best joke in the thread in somewhere in there. Foo, may I ask if the tie in the London shot is madder or challis, or something else?
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QdgCajndgNw But I think I've always said "I suspect," so maybe I'm just so affected even I don't notice it anymore?
New Posts  All Forums: