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Well, if they look different enough from sneakers to you, then that's alright for your intended purpose. But to my eye, they look more like sneakers than like anything else. Maybe for a "slightly dressed-up casual look."   You might want to stick to neutral shoe polish. I find many scuffs can be taken care of with brushing and conditioning. Pigmented polish is useful if there's a particularly bad scuff, or if the shoe is looking a bit dingy, but neutral cream-type...
GBR's well-maintained personal branding strikes again.   Anyway, I'm not actually sure -- some kinds of leather are tanned in such a way that their surface will stay greasy and not take a shine well, which is how the shoes in the link look.   Also, they do look like athletic shoes.
Because "good taste" is a synonym for "rude to people at social events."
Cox: I dig that last post.   EDIT: Thanks for the thumbs, all.   Here's what I'm wearing today:  
My chart only goes to $10,000, so yeah.
This a million times over. Though I admit, if I can tell I've screwed up the length halfway through tying it, I'll take a mulligan.
Is it not possible for something to have two purposes? No doubt, a lot of dudes wearing dubs with pants that show them off are doing that to show them off.   But a shoe is still noticeably a monkstrap if the hem of the trousers cover some of it. It's a more subtle way of saying the same thing.   So, unsubtly worn monkstraps will fall by the wayside, for sure, just as years of bad three button suits have made it tough to find a good middlebrow three-button suit. Subtly...
The scuttlebutt is that there are a lot fewer companies making knit ties in Italy than there are companies selling made-in-Italy knit ties. I wouldn't be too surprised if, apart from the yarn, LE's knits are identical to one or two other place's.
I was in between this one and a neat in almost a dark tan, but I decided that one was too light. I like your shirt. That width of stripe is perfect for a blazer. EDIT: I'm also jealous of your lapel buttonhole -- this jacket needs one or two of those.
Thanks for the thumbs, guys.   FC X-post:    
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