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Surely thumb count only proves SF likes it.   Frankly, I worry about anybody who makes this thread more than, at most, 60% of where they learn about style.   Nevertheless, I am ready to lose the photography contest this week:   I wore this with navy trousers. Sorry, fam.   I also wore this with navy trousers, but it's a suit, so...   I wish I had taken a decent photo of this tie. It's very pretty. Trust me. @Caustic Man Surely another face in the crowd...
Okay, but it's not the '50s any more.   Sure, that wouldn't have flown in the '50s, 60-odd years ago. And what flew in the '50s wouldn't have flown in the 1890s, and so on and so forth until we're arguing about cochineal dyes for our togas.
I like a military-style watch, even a small one, or like a Timex on a Nato strap. But that's still rugged – a dressy face and lugs need a dressy strap, IMHO.   It's raining Brioni ties around here. I also found a Hickey suit – I guess it was like a slimmer, hipper Hickey Freeman line? But it fits. And it's shatnez-free, so if I convert I'm set.   I'm really bragging about the trunk, which was a gift from my lady friend: complete with stickers for a voyage from...
Lazy selfies:  
A dispatch from the depths of Ivy style – thanks to the thread for reminding me I had this shirt in the ironing pile.  
I have to be honest, if I'm buying a shirt to wear under a jacket, I buy the collar and take what I get (within reason) in terms of the body that's attached to it.
Given that @Caustic Man and I had a debate about strollers yesterday, I figured I'd try something kinda sorta stroller-ish today – but much more casual, with a navy blazer and tan shoes. Might be more like an actual stroller if the colors of the vest and the trousers were switched, but I have a coworker who wears a tweed vest with a navy blazer to good effect so I wanted to borrow a page from his book.   Also I think I'm not a double forward pleat man.  
I only like heavy cotton (cord, moleskin, heavy twill). I wear lightweight cotton in summer, but that will be linen one day.
You'd lose points with the people informed enough to know that you don't normally wear a plain charcoal jacket without matching trousers, but who don't know what a stroller is. I have to admit, I don't see the appeal of a stroller. I have a strong enough inclination towards the dandyish side of things, but the stroller seems to me to combine the impracticality and potential social weirdness of dandyism without most of the fun. And, I admit, it does strike me as marginally...
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