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^^ I think navy or dark gray suits with tan shoes look bad. I don't like navy pants, but I'll sometimes wear dark gray pants with tan shoes -- when I want a "look at my shoes" look.   I think your plan sounds fine, especially if you occasionally use darker polish for more of a burnished look.   I'm tempted to stress, again, the importance of a crease, but I won't.
Sure, sounds fine to me.
Well, don't wear one of the lighter colors. I'd wear dark brown or black. A plain captoe is great, but I think any kind of balmoral would probably work.
 TBH, I'll be surprised if most places with flourescent bulbs don't end up with ones balanced to the same color as tungsten bulbs soon, since they're getting cheaper and cheaper. Flouro lights actually are a wonderful, soft source, but the default is to fill them with any old gases, so they just look awful (often, they're not even internally consistent within a case of them, from what I've noticed). Glad you have plants, which probably make it at least a little nicer.
Well, I wouldn't wear a pair of brand-new shoes, since they might not be as comfortable as some that you've broken in already. So what's in your wardrobe already, and what are you thinking of in terms of a shirt and tie?
Nah, get better office lighting. You'll be happier.   But "fixing" the color in that would be tough, because it's under flouresecents, so it's four or five different kinds of wrong.   Tough to judge the waist, especially since you're holding your arms funny in the one shot, but I love the cloth, and the overcoat is super cool.
@jrs311 those look great.   @tb43 I lean towards the MacGregors, but I haven't seen them in person yet so I hesitate on that. The Strands are lovely in walnut, but you already have a pair, so shaking things up more could be nice. Especially for a more casual color.   TBH, there's a devil on one of my shoulders telling me to suggest a walnut Sanford, if you can get one.   @doloflow I've never been to your job, so I don't really know. If, like Dre, you rock your khakis...
Exactly. I have to admit, I tend to hew to the strictest interpretation when I'm giving advice, but then in what I wear myself, I don't sweat it as much. Sorry if I came off a bit blunt at first.
They've made the Strand for a long time.   I have a few recent-ish pairs of AE, and I have one older pair -- secondhand, so I don't know how much older. But the sole style is different. I'd be surprised to see AE knocked off that well -- I don't think I've ever heard of AEs being knocked off, but I suppose somebody might do it. But much more likely, it's just an older style.   Personally, I'd advocate not worrying about it too much. If you need to know, you may be able...
Here's me the other day.  And a bonus shot of me accidentally matching my partner (and showing off my polo coat).   [[SPOILER]]
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