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Would it be worth it to pick up these shoes brand new for $40? Or stay away?   http://www.amazon.com/Johnston-Murphy-Mens-Emery-Oxford/dp/B00170DE8W
From reading on here the brands aren't ideal, but they are what I have to work with locally (can actually try them on) and within my budget. Looking for a dark brown/burgandy wingtip leather shoe with leather sole for breath-ability. Bass or Mercanti?
They might be considered charcoal as they are a dark grey.
For khakis too?
These shoes would be for work and I work in a business casual environment. I am looking for a versatile color to start and build from there. I wear khakis about 3 days per week, a pair of black pants once per week, and a pair of grey pants once per week. In Which color shoe should I go with in this situation? I am looking for something with leather soles as well.  Any suggestions for shoes that would be < $200?
You don't think a suit is overkill for a place that allows tennis shoes as everyday dress?  Would a sport coat/blazer be a better option?
Not sure how many pages get perused around here so I am bumping back to the first page.
Here is the situation. I work in a hospital business/patient accounts office. There is an opening for a more advanced job within the same office. It would be moving from an accounts receivable position to a more IT related position. I would be reporting to my bosses boss(and interviewing with her). We are acquainted as we work in the same building. The dress code for men in my office is a shirt with a collar, slacks(jeans on Friday), and closed toe shoes(tennis shoes are...
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