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Per AE customer service, the are on the 97 last.
Yes. That is the 6th ave.
They are definitely dark brown. I would almost call it a chocolate.
I can't see them either.
So, what are the stores where Allen Edmonds shoes are likely to show up outside the Rack and BCF?
 My thoughts seemed to merge together there.  I know brown shoes won't go with black.  Just illustrating that I don't know their colors well.  I thought the chestnut would be a lighter brown.  I am looking for a second pair of Edmonds that would go with black pants.  Is black the only color? Or would a burgundy? Would that be Edmonds oxbloods and merlots?
What color Allen Edmonds would go with black pants? I have a hard time discerning their colors.  Bought a pair of Chestnut color and it looks more dark brown to me. Which style would be more casual and go with jeans?
Would it be worth it to pick up these shoes brand new for $40? Or stay away?   http://www.amazon.com/Johnston-Murphy-Mens-Emery-Oxford/dp/B00170DE8W
From reading on here the brands aren't ideal, but they are what I have to work with locally (can actually try them on) and within my budget. Looking for a dark brown/burgandy wingtip leather shoe with leather sole for breath-ability. Bass or Mercanti?
They might be considered charcoal as they are a dark grey.
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