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Can something like this be repaired? Or its effects mitigated in any way?  
I was curious as I want some navy neumonks. The McTavish fit good, but I can't get a strand to fit at all.
Does the Neumok fit more like the McTavish? Or more like the Strand?
Damn you Poron insoles! Why are you in most of the shoes I like.  
What size shakers would I be looking for? Wear a 9d in the 97 last and an 8e in 65 lasted bluchers.
 I am an 8e in the 65 and a 9d in the 97.
 Perhaps I will have to put a hold on the Oxblood and get some walnut McGregors instead...
 When I say it was too long I meant that the widest part of my foot was not aligning with the widest part of the shoe. I did have a 65 bal (McAlister) in between the McGregor and the Strand. The McAlister was 8e and fit good length wise but was too narrow (huge v gap) so I sent them back for some 8ee Strands as they didn't have any McAlisters in 8ee. I'll see what CSC says. Really want some oxblood shoes! And a little on the casual side like the McGregor. Any ideas on...
 They are beautiful! I do have another on the 65 last in the McTavish in 8e. These are 8ee. Not sure those two shoes are all that comparable. Not sure I would want to go wider in this shoe as the heels are a touch loose. They don't have any oxblood Strands in 8eee anyway. Having trouble with the 65. Started out with Oxblood McGregor 8.5e (too long), then tried Merlot McAlister 8e (too narrow), and now the Oxblood Strand 8ee. Alas, there are no 8e Oxblood McGregors in...
Just got these Oxblood Strands yesterday. Third pair of AE, but fist to give me a some foot pain. Possibly a fit issue? The pain is on my outer foot from right below my ankle bone to about my first knuckle on my pinky toe. Or is this a break in issue? It is only on my left foot. Everything on the vamp and quarter seem to be rotated towards the inner foot by 1/4" on the left shoe if that matters.
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