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 What is the seller name of the AE Ebay store?
 I have tried 8e, 8.5e, 8ee. 8.5 is too long. 8 is my length for the 65. My McTavish and Neumoks are 8e and the vgaps are tolerable. AE CS thinks 8.5e on the 108 and 8e on the 201, but I can't try any on to verify that!
  Large V-gap with the 65 and feels really tight as well. Is the heel on the MacNeil wider than other 97 last shoes? I have a pair of 6th Avenue that fit great. I'll look at the Carlyle. The Cornwallis doesn't float my boat so to speak. What about The City?
    The only problem there is that my foot and the regular 65 lasted bals don't really get along. I have ok fit with the McTavish (runs big) and the Neumok (unlined so a little more room), but I couldn't get a Strand or McAllister to work.  I am totally open to suggestions though!
Need a new pair of black shoes for weddings/funerals/interviews. Since those things rarely happen, I am looking at less costly shoes. I have my eye on some MacNeil's. Would these shoes work well for the above mentioned purposes (with a black suit)? On shoebank, they are listed as "custom calf." What does "custom calf" mean?
I think you are reading that wrong. His toe isn't a half inch from the end, it is a half in past where the cap starts. The shoes, imo are too long. I don't find the 5 last tts at all. They are long and narrow for me. I normally wear a 9d, but needed 8e in the 5 last. I might just be weird though#
Lacing inspired by Peppercorn's blue suede shoes!
Here are my chestnut 6th avenue.
 Interesting. I have them in chestnut and they are my most comfortable pair. Might have to pick up the chili version!
Where did you get chili 6th aves? Or did you manufacture them?
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