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I recently bought a Tanner Goods standard black leather belt. After wearing it once, the black from the leather started to bleed on to my pants. Is this normal? Should return the belt? Is there any way that I can seal the belt? Any help would greatly be appreciated.    
I have a couple of shirts that I would like shortened and taken in. I live in Chicago and was wondering if people had any recommendations. 
This has probably been covered but I wanted to know the difference between both of these boots. And if you were purchasing an Alden Indy boot would you buy the one from Jcrew or would you buy the non-Jcrew Alden boot?
I guess I'm also looking for a down jacket that is not technical outerwear. I want to wear it to work but also brave the Chicago cold. My work is business casual and I wear jeans. I have a black down puffy north face and I feel like a thug wearing it to work. But it's really warm.
I'm looking at a down jacket and trying to decide between buying one from Crescent Down Works or Penfield. Does anyone have any preference or can anyone tell me which brand is better? Any recommendations? I'm on the smaller size 36-38in chest.    Thanks!
I just bought a Gant Rugger kickass oxford white shirt and want to know if it'll shrink in the wash. I generally wash my shirt in cold water and hang dry them. If any one has any experience with Gant shirts please let me know.
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