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are these still available?? I'll take them!
D2 is basically their version of a "straight fit", I like the way the D1 and Alpha fit better, if your usual size doesn't fit properly you could size up and have the waist tailored. 
Looking in this thread is just bad for me, I WANT EVERY FREAKN BOOT IN HERE! But damn a lot of the prices for Carpe/Julius/Guidi/Augusta are just waaay too rich for me. One day.   On a high note I did cop some Common Projects 1950's distressed combat boots off ebay for under $200, I'm pretty happy with them.      
I just picked these 1950's Distressed Common Projects Combat Boots off eBay for $187, pretty happy about the price.      
buuuuuuuuump       ......
Looking for these is a size 43 or 44 will buy or trade. I should have jumped on them when they went on sale at Barney's but noooooo I had to wait! Help a guy out!!! Pm me with offers. Thanks!!
I have for sale a pair of Nudie Jeans, Hank Rey Fit. These are Dry Dirt Organic, Raw Selvedge.    I have only wore them 4 times, 0 washes, 0 soaks. These are practically new! The price includes shipping.   Please check my ebay profile for references.    http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=samlynn87&ftab=AllFeedback&rt=nc&myworld=true   Thanks a bunch!! PayPal Only
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