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  Yes, we're on the same page! I'd be only interested in Oscar, though. Robert is really cool, but too formal for my wardrobe.   One minor worry is the variance in colors between different batches. The one from the photo looks very different from the one in epaulet's website---yet both are advertised as cognac cordovan?
  I don't know if I have misunderstood you guys. I'm really interested in the boot shown in the picture I posted (which comes from the Horween blog). That is:   - Oscar last - Cognac cordovan   Are you after the same stuff?   AFAIK Skotiaebolaget has done an MTO with the same specs. Is it still possible to get included?
  I'd be very interested in doing an MTO of this boot. In fact, I was the one who posted the picture a few days ago :-)
Hello,   I'm discussing with a Carmina retailer via email a purchase of this boots (here in cognac cordovan):     Here in saddle cordovan:     Here in natural cordovan (not really sure):     Cognac is out of stock and not an option. I'm not interested in black.   Can anyone comment on the differences between natural & saddle? I've never seen any in person. I'm looking forward to wear those on an informal attire (navy peacoat, OCBD,...
Thanks for the honest advice. I should have also said that I own a pair of Timberland boots in US 8.5 and they are way too long and wide for my feet. My size in these should be at least US 8.   My Onitsukas could also be sized 0.5 down, although I think US 8.5 is the way to go in their case.   Since the Carmina's are listed as UK 7 = US 8, don't you think that size 7 might be the correct one???   Thanks
Hello everyone,   I'm trying to revamp my style for a multiday event happening in 2 weeks time.   I'm looking for a bold, elegant but not too formal, not too rugged boot that pairs well with denim and a navy peacoat or a ToJ black lamb bomber worn on top of an OCBD or a tee.   What would you get?   I've limited my options to this cordovan boots, but I'm open to other suggestions, including non-cordovan ones.   Unluckily I cannot try any of these...
Thanks for the very helpful tip.   How do those boots fit in UK 8.5 in your case? Tight / like a glove / wide?   My Onitsuka Tiger Mexico '66 fit me like a glove in US 8.5, but still if I push my feet to the front of the shoe I can insert my pinkie finger in the back. I remember trying US 8, and they were tight but not uncomfortable.   I'm saying this because there's only UK 7 left for the Carmina. I don't know if this will be too tight. My feet are very...
I have a quick question. I'm wearing US 8.5 in some typical Timberland boots—and they fit too wide & long. I'm wearing US 8.5 in all my sneakers (think Adidas Samba or Onitsuka Tiger) and they fit fine.   What would be the appropriate size for a Carmina Anderson boot? UK 7 / US 8???     http://www.epauletshop.com/servlet/the-1898/Anderson-Jumper-Boot-Cognac/Detail   Thanks
Hi,   I'm trying to find my size for this gorgeous boots, which come in the Forest last. I wear US 8.5 in all my sneakers (think Adidas Samba), and they fit like a glove.   What should be my size for this Carmina? Size 7?   Thanks  
Hello, could anybody point out the differences between Buzz Rickson and The Real McCoy's peacoats?   These seem to be consistently mentioned everywhere when talking about close high-quality reproductions of the 1910 US Navy issue.   In the past RMC had worse wool than BR, but now its 37 oz Melton (BR is 36 oz, on par).   Some people here http://supertalk.superfuture.com/index.php?/topic/88551-buzz-rickson-vs-real-mccoys-navy-pea-coat/page__st__60 argue RMC...
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