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Received my Herringbone Bedford yesterday from Haven. Beautiful jacket. Love the finish, materials and design. I'm 5ft 8 tall, 40 inch chest. I bought a medium and found the sleeves maybe an inch too long and maybe a touch roomy in the chest with just a shirt on though would probably be ideal if wearing an extra layer, like a fine jumper, or so on underneath.
I own a 1 month old pair of Edwin Rainbow selvage but have unfortunate got mud stains and a spot of gum on them from carrying my toddler (his shoes) Anyone got advice on how to remove these stains without sticking the jeans in for a wash?
@ Seer I love the commando soles. Thick and rugged looking if you like that. I'm contemplating getting a pair of Stows modified with a commando sole from the shoe healer people. It wears similar to daintiest sole, maybe a fraction stiffer but not majorly noticeable
My Ilkeys just arrived. Great looking, stocky brogue. Exactly what I wanted for both casual and work wear. Mine were size 8. Delighted I went down half a size as suggested. I wear size 8.5 in my Stows
Are you a 8.5 in other brand shoes?
Is this jacket in demand because its 'collectable' or just because of its the next big trend in fashion?
HI all, just bought my first pair of selvage jeans. Edwin ED47s. Fits well around leg and waist although a couple of inches too long. I note on the advice slip one should rinse these out first before wearing. Can anyone suggest the best way to rinse new selvage jeans? Cool wash in machine? Shower in them? let them soak in cold water?    Also how do you clean the jeans if you don't wash them (for 6 months or so)?   Thanks
How does everyone rinse their selvage jeans before first wearing them?   I've seen them soaked in a bath, read about a cool rinse in the washing machine, and in the Edwin booklet it talks about having a shower in them!   Any tips?
My Trickers Stow in espresso arrived today from the Bureau. Sized down a half size from my usual and glad I did. Delighted with this boot. Would have liked it to have a chunkier sole but I can always resolve to a commando sole when the time comes
Having gone through all the threads in the forum I decided to go for a pair of Tricker's stow in espresso. I'm sure they'll last me a good number of years!
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