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Kyle,the Integrity jacket looks really good on you. May I ask what size you were wearing in that picture?
 whoops! sorry, was not aware of the fine print. was struggleing with choosing between rosewood dundee and galway on 82 last. 
Just a heads-up, fransboone starts carrying EG boots/shoes.
Here are a few on my phone.
PM sent.
Thank you. Are these yours?they look quite unique, albeit a little, may I say, dull. hmmm..
+1. I saw olive Dover and really admired, just not sure if I could pull off it. so I committed a Dover MTO in bronze calf. Let's see how it will turn out.
That's great news! what last are they?
Is it? didn't see it on your website.Thank you anyway.
 Hi @unipair guy , may I ask what color of the Dover is? slate or cloud antique? I'm thinking to do another Dover in cloud antique, just not so sure about the color. Thanks. BTW, they look gorgeous!
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