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sure thing. i was actually working on it.
Saphir MDO Havana matches Doak pretty well. Darker than Medium Brown with tint of red.
here you go
Hi Mike, please count me in. Can someone compair 335 and 325 lasts please? Thanks. or may I suggest 325 last for this order, so its more Lindrik-ish?
I'd like to do Rosewood CC too, but in D width.
Hello, can someone tell what exactly the difference is between Sandringham and Derwent, beside the thistle? Thanks.
I'm size small in IM's knittings, size Medium in EP's sweaters.
this. I'm interested in Bronze Westminster, 82 last.
Thank you. It's quite short indeed.
Hello Brian,   Do you have the measurement for MISSONI S-Type Jacket, size 48 or 46?   Thanks.
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