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Can venetian shoe cream be used on say AE park avenues? What about a cheaper shoe like a Clarks Roar?
Used Momotaro 5oz Selvedge Chambray Work Shirt in Off-White $100 shipped.   Worn only a handful of times, almost like new condition except the selvedge run off has been removed from the hem of the shirt on both sides.   Measurements taken from Blue Owl: Size 40 (41" chest, 18" shoulder, 25" sleeve, 28.5" length) http://www.blueowl.us/product/momotaro-5oz-selvedge-chambray-work-shirt-in-off-white-model-ms033/
I have those same grey ones and they seem to be holding up fine, I don't see any sign of tearing in that area. I got them from The Corner though.   On the topic of lacing: Is there a proper way to lace these in general? The last eyelet is so low down that if I don't pull them tight they feel like they are going to slip off. Are there any issues with the eyelets ripping, mine are getting stretched with just moderate pulling and I'm worried they are going to rip through.
Are there any issues with the leather eyelets on the Achilles ripping? I have a pair of vintage suede ones an I've been trying not to pull too hard while lacing them up because the leather around the eyelets seems like it is being stretched pretty easily.
Which socks on their website would work as dress socks? The EFC ones?
Does anyone have a picture of someone wearing CP achilles mids with shorts? Wondering how high up the ankle goes.
Looking for some quick size advice for the trench boot, I've searched through the thread and just looking for some confirmation.   I usually measure around a 9 on a brannock device but even with thick socks I fit comfortably into 8.5 CDB with still a bit more than half a thumbs width in the toes.  Should I go with a 9 like they recommend or try an 8.5?
Looking for a better quality (under $200) sweater like this one: http://www.uniqlo.com/us/store/lifewear/men-heavy-gauge-button-up-cardigan/078689-31-003?ref=mens-clothing%2Fmens-tops%2Fmens-sweaters-and-knits Not necessarily in those colors, any recommendations?
Has anyone tried Greats "The Royale?" They sent out a $10 off code and I was considering trying them but I haven't been able to find any opinions from people who actually bought a pair.
I ordered one when they came out and have carried it every day since I got it and it seems to be holding up fine. It's thin like others have said but seems well constructed to me.
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