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Used pair of Bostonian Moro shoes in Brandy, size 8.5. Only a couple months of wear on these, plenty of life still in them. Free shipping anywhere in the CONUS.
Looking for some size advice for the Trail Oxfords.   I'm a touch over 9 on a brannock device and have a high arch and instep. The closest similar type of shoe i have is a Sperry A/O in 9 and with no socks they are almost too snug. If I wanted to wear socks with them I'd have to go up 1/2 size. Do the Trail Oxfords fit similarly? I'd like to at least wear normal dress socks with them occasionally, so should I try a 9 or stick with the size down 1/2 advice.
Do you guys plan to restock the olive doyle jacket anytime soon?
Laid flat the waist is a touch over 17". I measure about 34" where the pants sit and they feel just a little loose. I have bigger thighs and calves so the waist is fine, but the rest of the pants were too slim for my liking.
**SOLD** A pair of very lightly used Outlier Nyco Slims size 33in Olive. I had the inseam shortened to 32in. These have only been worn outside the house twice, still in very new condition. Go here for product description and measurements: http://shop.outlier.cc/shop/retail/nycoslims.html  
Can anyone recommend some straight leg (I'm not a fan of too much taper) casual chinos that come in grey, somewhere around $100? I like Dockers D1s, but i'm looking for something a bit higher quality and maybe with more room in the top.
This is a slightly used pair of AE Park Avenue size 8.5D in black. They have been worn very infrequently and are in great condition.   Comes with dust bags and original box.   $160, no shipping fee anywhere in the CONUS.
Can venetian shoe cream be used on say AE park avenues? What about a cheaper shoe like a Clarks Roar?
Used Momotaro 5oz Selvedge Chambray Work Shirt in Off-White $70 shipped.   Worn only a handful of times, almost like new condition except the selvedge run off has been removed from the hem of the shirt on both sides.   Measurements taken from Blue Owl: Size 40 (41" chest, 18" shoulder, 25" sleeve, 28.5" length) http://www.blueowl.us/product/momotaro-5oz-selvedge-chambray-work-shirt-in-off-white-model-ms033/
I have those same grey ones and they seem to be holding up fine, I don't see any sign of tearing in that area. I got them from The Corner though.   On the topic of lacing: Is there a proper way to lace these in general? The last eyelet is so low down that if I don't pull them tight they feel like they are going to slip off. Are there any issues with the eyelets ripping, mine are getting stretched with just moderate pulling and I'm worried they are going to rip through.
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