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Nah, not mine. Nice though!
While we're talking about worn-in dress brown, check these out:  
I think the long heel counter is my favorite part about the Smoke Jumper/Bounty Hunter... I think it makes them looks a little tougher and streamlined.  Maybe it reminds me of vintage Justin Lacers. I also like the reverse counter/vamp overlap of the Viberg Scout:
Can you guys briefly clarify in what ways the SD last is more roomy than the SJ? Sounds like the SJ tapers more at the toes...anything else? In what ways is the SD "dressier"? Lower toe box?thanks
Interesting. I always thought that regardless of which sole you choose, they bump up the heel to compensate, so the (interior) heel height is always the same. Is it only the commando sole for which they make an exception, or do they do that with say, a 705 half sole as well?
This is a great question, and basically the reason I showed up right now: to get some Arch Ease info.So what's the deal with White's arches? I'd like to hear everyone's experience with varying degrees of arches/foot shapes and the Arch Ease. I have also heard people with flat feet swear by them, which sounds counterintuitive. I have high arches, and with my Daytons, which have leather insoles and no arch support, the balls of my feet hurt because that's where all my weight...
Okay cool, I guess I just misinterpreted Kyle's post. Cathpah, I've definitely checked out those Distressed Bounty Hunters. Distressed is a popular choice (and for good reason), but it's rare that Brown or Black Smooth show up. I think at least 90% of the black White's I've seen are CXL. I think the Distressed wears a lot differently, at least on a superficial level, than the other two colors. It ain't called Distressed for nothing.
So much discussion about CXL and Dress leathers lately. Does anyone have experience with White's Oil-tanned leathers (aka Smooth)? I'm fairly certain the Black and Brown Smooth are the standard work leathers for the Smoke Jumper, Packer, and Farmer/Rancher boots, as I believe they are the thickest White's has (along with Distressed). I was surprised that when Kyle popped in recently he recommended a liner for them...I always figured they were so thick there was no need....
Hey, come on now! I don't think you guys are impressed enough with Louie's machine. Maybe he's not posting enough images of it. Why would you pay full price for the boots you want that are the correct size, when you could be paying less for ill-fitting boots and forcing them to fit with this one weird trick! Shoe companies HATE him!
Yeah, I think that's your best bet, though I don't think too many people necessarily are making sizing decisions based on aggregated, anecdotal sizing experiences, but people still run into sizing issues occasionally even with foot tracings, with no error to blame. Feet are weird.
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