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  Dayton Parade boots. I got these cheap on eBay. I like them a lot, though they're a tad too large. Also, the leather is not my favorite...kind of hard and dressy, possibly needs a lot more breaking in? Can't say I would recommend Dayton over the other boot makers, considering the current $547 price tag for both the Parade and Service boots, which are the only 2 non-engineer styles they make that aren't 100% fugly. I get the feeling Dayton is a bit scatterbrained these...
I got some brown flat waxed laces on amazon for a pair of Daytons. So far so good. Not too expensive, and lots of length choices.
I've always loved the Wesco Packers, especially the MP Toe. This is almost exactly the same way that I'd build a pair! I just can't get past all the nickel-and-dime charges for every little customization. I'm sure I've griped about this here before, probably to b-ewing. Everything from changing their standard brown stitching to picking leather laces instead of nylon...it really adds up. Last I checked, they didn't have an option on the site for 7" height or any different...
What about a Northwest? Not enough of them around.
Does this answer your question?
Those look great! That $ though... I remember someone here a while back saying he got a custom last made from White's because of an unusually narrow heel. I wonder if you could buy a custom last shaped more like the MP Toe. They'd only have to make the one, in your size, and you could reuse it for subsequent makeups.
I've always liked the idea of an SD or BH on the packer last, but the packer has one of the tallest heels, and even lowered 1/4" it would still be pretty tall. The nice part about the Wesco MP last is that its heel is naturally 1/2" lower than their Western last, which is like White's Packer. On a side note, what's up with Wesco charging for every little customization? Roughout = $40 Double midsole = $40 Comp. Half Sole = $40 Leather Lining = $99 They even charge $40...
Found these images on a Japanese site. They must have soft toes, but they still look narrower than normal. Maybe they're A or B width and a soft toe? Looking good though, I'm really digging black White's with natural edges these days.   
You can order the made to fit shoes twice with new sizes, but they charge something like $17 the 2nd time.
The MTO is free (assuming you use the gift certificate to buy their shoes). Order the two most likely sizes, and you will at least learn something. If the 5.5D is too small and the 6D is too narrow, get a 6E, etc.   On my Rangers, after mostly weekend wear for 3 months, the length of the sole is 10 5/8". It protrudes a little on the rear, so the shoes is likely closer to 10 1/2" max. The width is about 3 3/4" (measured at the widest point perpendicular to the shoe), but...
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