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That's my feeling about any Red Wing, Chippewa, 1000 Mile, or nearly any boot that costs much more than $250. I have a feeling that a huge percentage of the people buying the $300+ models simply have not heard of White's/Wesco/Nick's. Don't get me wrong, I'd love a pair of 877's, but at 75% the price of some truly nice MTO boots, I can't see myself getting a pair any time soon. We'll see, I do love them though.
I don't mean to answer for Bunyip, but it looks like Wesco's burgundy domain leather, which is their 5.5oz line of pull-up leathers. Not sure which tannery, but not Horween.
They do appear to have leather stacked heels, albeit with only one lift - did you expect them to be taller or with more lifts and no lug heel, or am I missing something?
Pretty big feet...the proportions make those 7" packers look like 6". Mine tiny ones will have the opposite effect (when they finally show up...I'm about 5 weeks in). What was the heel/sole combo on the boss that you ordered? I don't think I've seen the mini lug half-sole on a Wesco before.
I just put in an order for a black tie packer with basically this same build (MP lower heel, 269, natural edge tho). Thanks for all the Wesco info, btw...I'll post images in 2015 when they arrive. Sounds like you have the requisite number of MP boots. I've been really into the lace to toe Jobmasters lately...I used to prefer White's LTT, but Wesco's heavy duty white stitching on the uppers has grown on me:I still love the idea of a White's LTT in Black Bullhide though. I...
Can't stop thinking about black bull hide Northwest lace-to-toe. Possibly in 7" on Christy sole... Does anyone know how "rugged" the bull hide is? If I got a lace-to-toe on a sole like that, it would be a shame to use it as a work boot.
 Thanks man. Measurements may help, but don't go out of your way, as the White's comparison says a lot. I can't tell if the brown roughout IH build is lowered or not...it says it's 1/4" than a "normal packer" but I think that the 1339 last is naturally 1/4" lower than the packer last. I know what you mean about the 705 half sole. That was my plan going into it, but Wesco does a weird half-slip midsole up front that I'm not a fan of, though it would make the relative heel...
Thanks, that's incredibly useful, though it makes this more difficult. Is the Wesco more than 1/4" taller than the SD? I don't mind the 1339 heel visually, but since I'm short and thus have smaller feet, the heel will be quite large relative to the size of the boot...plus I don't want to give people the impression that I'm trying to make myself look taller, strolling around on 2" heels.
Hey b-ewing, this is a little off topic, but since we're comparing White's and Wesco heels I have a question for you... I'm pretty set on a Wesco packer on the 1339 last, but I'm thinking about getting the heel lowered by 1 lift. How is the 1339 heel height compared to White's on the SD last? I want to make sure it doesn't rock the boot back too far, especially because the toe already points upward quite a bit. Think it could manage? I'd consider putting an extra lift on...
Nah, not mine. Nice though!
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