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Hi C,   I just noticed this thread! That sound's like a brilliant idea. Although, I am the first to reply, I am sure there are plenty of people out there eager to meet up as well (that is, if they haven't PMed you already).     Looking forward to it!
This isn't funny to me and I am sure your comment is quite offensive to many. Dial it down a notch, please.
 I haven't been keeping up with this thread. But, Riccardo, those are some beautiful bikes and photographs. And it seems like Lanieri is getting even stronger on the online MTM front with its new products. 
Welcome back Ashish. And I am also looking forward to those flannels.
It should be the 9/10 oz.
The Lai Si Fu Operation feat. Michael -- A Brief Review   I had the pleasure to have had Lai Si Fu to produce a few pieces (CMT) for me. Lai Si Fu's workshop was located away from the financial districts of Hong Kong in a quaint area called Sham Shui Po. Not surprisingly, you will not find 'extravagance or ritz' here, that is more paradigmatic of the notable tailor houses in Central, or even Tsim Sha Tsui. Rather, Lai Si Fu's operation is a straight to the point, 'no...
Has anyone had any experience getting Tuxedo shirts made with Luxire? How do they execute the wing collars? And what's their highest quality formal white fabric?
I assume you mean London, UK.   I've lived in both cities. London, by far, has a greater selection and will, most likely, have better prices -- especially, for UK made shoes. However, the Canadian dollar is very weak atm, some North-American brands might be cheaper in Toronto, but those are rare occurences. If you are about to become a Canadian resident, and hence not a resident of the EU, you can claim a VAT refund on all your goods. The procedure would be quite tricky,...
Brisbane Moss Corduroy + Albini Tattersall Shirt   Enjoy!           I have sent Luxire a comprehensive e-mail discussing the fit of these two items and asking for some feedback. The guys at Luxire have always been helpful and I feel that that has helped Luxire become very popular here.   Nonetheless, perhaps some of you could offer some remarks   With regards to the trousers:   1) was wondering how the seat of the trousers can be improved? It seems...
Can anyone comment on what Canadian duties have been like recently? There have been some helpful comments in the past but I fear they may be outdated. In the past, I've been hit with $100 of duties + taxes on an order of about $3xx from a different retailer, and I don't want to make the same mistake again. I'm sure some of you Canadians can sympathise.
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