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Vibram Stresa's, most likely, as mentioned in the post.
The following three pictures were taken straight out of the box without any wear.           And the following two photos were after about 3 days of intermittent wear in heavy snow. I then decided to add some Vibram half soles to them. $35 at Shoe Therapy in Toronto. The workmanship looks alright -- not bad. Nothing to complain about. I believe they may be the Vibram Stresa's. They are probably designed for dress shoes but I may actually prefer it to...
I just literally dropped them off there. $35. Vibram. They didn't seem to have a lot of a selection for Vibram half soles. And they just gave me any old one, and I just nodded. Prices seem to vary even amongst the same place. But I will report back with the quality of their work soon. 
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