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 This is an update to my original review of Ng Sifu's Dormeuil 3pc Navy suit which can be found here. I have taken the two pairs of trousers back to Michael and Ng Sifu as they kindly offered to take an additional look at it. And, I must say that the once weakest point of the 3 pc suit has been much improved. That is, the sides are much better and the drape at the back is very much cleaner. I've attached some of the pictures we took today (I apologise for the mismatched...
 Yes, the onus was certainly on them. Also, in response to your previous question (sorry I forgot to answer), the jacket is full canvas and it is also a canvas vest. I hope that helps.
Thank you for all of your comments on my review. I very much enjoyed writing it and it acted as an excellent past time.   Most of the comments pertained to the trousers. And, I agree that the trousers (especially, the back) is a bit of a mess (I tried to convey this modestly in my post by alluding it as the area that needs 'most improvement'). As such, Ng sifu definitely did not do an ideal job on this pair; though, to be fair, my legs are quite athletic, and...
From Fabric to Suit -- a review of Ng Sifu’s CMT. 3-Piece Dormeuil Navy Suit by Ng Sifu.   Hong Kong is like a goldmine for suiting – from the eager commission based ‘salesmen’ that roam Nathan road, the plethora of international brand names found in luxury malls (e.g. your Brioni’s, Zegna’s, etc.), the Chinese tailor houses of Tsim Sha Tsui, to the big name players of the city. They all have something to offer. But Hong Kong can also be like a...
Hi C,   I just noticed this thread! That sound's like a brilliant idea. Although, I am the first to reply, I am sure there are plenty of people out there eager to meet up as well (that is, if they haven't PMed you already).     Looking forward to it!
This isn't funny to me and I am sure your comment is quite offensive to many. Dial it down a notch, please.
 I haven't been keeping up with this thread. But, Riccardo, those are some beautiful bikes and photographs. And it seems like Lanieri is getting even stronger on the online MTM front with its new products. 
Welcome back Ashish. And I am also looking forward to those flannels.
It should be the 9/10 oz.
The Lai Si Fu Operation feat. Michael -- A Brief Review   I had the pleasure to have had Lai Si Fu to produce a few pieces (CMT) for me. Lai Si Fu's workshop was located away from the financial districts of Hong Kong in a quaint area called Sham Shui Po. Not surprisingly, you will not find 'extravagance or ritz' here, that is more paradigmatic of the notable tailor houses in Central, or even Tsim Sha Tsui. Rather, Lai Si Fu's operation is a straight to the point, 'no...
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