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Thanks, this is great! It's about time we have an official Pediwear thread.
 @Leaves No problem, I had a very lovely time. And since I had heard many good things about your store, I had to come see it for myself. Anyways, I literally just placed my first order with you -- here's hoping they will fit.
I was able to pass by Stockholm for a day and a half, and after venturing the Old Town for a bit, I decided to swing by the shop. It was a Sunday and I knew it would be closed, but decided to take an obligatory picture anyways.   I was really hoping to get sized for some Carminas, but, alas, my schedule couldn't allow it. I, however, will be placing an online order (only worried about the sizing). But an online order could work out to be even more convenient as I would...
I believe this one is mine. hehe.
I was wondering what the current standard production time for the Albini shirts and for Brisbane Moss Corduroy Trousers would be?
Nice herringbone jacket. What fabric is that? Some sort of Tweed?
Riccardo, the sale looks great! Definitely, very tempting!   BTW, do you have any update on the option of full canvassing?   And is there, currently, a style forum promo code at the moment?
In eliminating excess fabric from the back of a shirt, I take it that there are two methods:   i) Reducing the fabric of the back panel   ii) Darting the back (either in parallel or in curves).   However, I am just wondering if darting the back of a patterned shirt (i.e. Gingham, Plaid, Checks) will be feasible -- after all, the pattern might not line up and the back will look a bit off. Or, realistically, is it very much possible to have the pattern in the back line...
Thanks for this update! I was eager to order more and was, confusingly, wondering why I never got a response to a fit critique request. No worries, take your time. We appreciate all the effort.
I just recently received my first pair of Luxire shirts, and my fifth iteration of trousers.The shirt fabric is excellent for the price! It fulfilled all my expectations and I'm happy to be able to finally join the Luxire shirt club. For your reference, the shirt pictured below is the 'Blue Graph Check'. And the trousers below is the VBC Summer Mohair Wool Grey.   I was wondering if I could get a fit check, from you experts, on both the shirt and the trousers. The shirt...
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